Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

Just a quick post today...I am suppose to be cleaning, cutting vegetables and such but here I am playing on the computer...

These are the little gifts I gave out this year....A cute take out box...either filled with homemade goodies or a bath items.

So Fun!!
Can't stay and chat....but wanted to pop in real quick and say that I hope you have a Merry Christmas!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Still Here....

When I walked into my office today, I noticed my glue gun was in the trash...picking it out I realized it was still ON!!!! OMGosh!! I totally could have started my house on fire!! The space heater got unplugged...but not the glue gun!! I can't believe I did that!!! I'm still kinda in shock about it! The gun was stuck to a bunch of papers and the glue itself was almost black! Scary, Scary, Scary!! I'll be checking that {and checking it again} from now on!!! {This is the same glue gun that last month permanently left a "tattoo" of a circle on my calf when I dropped it and it stuck to my skin!}
I only have one little stuffed fabric house left to do today and all the Christmas orders are done and out. Most of my wrapping is also done...this year I wrapped quite a few like in this picture I saw over at Women's Day.....using a HUGE roll of craft paper I bought several years ago. I use it all the time and still have probably a half a roll left!! I added some doilies and rubber stamps to mine!!

Photo: Women's Day
I only have a few items to pick up for Christmas, which I will do today and grocery shop and I can officially relax for a bit! Woohoooo....exciting!!! Wish I had a fireplace....I would finish all my stuff, start a fire {in the fireplace and not my office trash can!} and drink a Peppermint latte and stare at the Christmas tree...trying to soak it all in before it disappears for another year! I'll do all that, just minus the fireplace!
I'm working right now on a few little gifts for a couple of Girlfriends which I can't show just yet because I haven't figured out quite how I'm packaging them {Presentation, Presentation, Presentation}....but some of them include an adorable little bottle of this....perfect for one and so Girly!! {Love}

Photo: The Washington Post
Have you seen this champagne before? I haven't but I'm not a big champagne drinker. I'll show you the final present when I'm done!! Fun! {It also includes a yummy bath bomb from Lush!!}
How are you? Are you all ready for Christmas? Is your shopping done? Do you have any special traditions? Are you travelling?
Well be sure to unplug your glue gun and Merry on....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Use what you Already have.....

Christmas is such a fun time of year. Busy. Reflective. Promising. Exciting and a little sad too. I wish I lived closer to my Family, who I miss just a little bit more than usual this time of year!!

Yesterday, when I asked my Daughter for some ideas on what she might want for Christmas...she exclaimed that she wanted a big candy bar like I have in my office...then she wait...I want TWO!! So funny!!! I do have a bunch of chocolate bars in my office...these ones...

The Kids want a couple of special chocolate gifts to give to friends from church and I thought these would be perfect!! A little smaller than the bars I used last year but just as yummy!! They are so easy to make! They look pretty and taste yummy...could you ask for anything better?! {LOVE}

What little gifties are you making for your Kids to share with friends? For me...these fit in my budget quite nicely...I only had to buy the chocolate which I bought when it went on sale. I used 2 sheets of scrapbook paper per bar and rubber stamps, ribbon and other supplies I already on hand. The picks I bought last year when they were on DEEP discount just so I would have them this year!! I Love that I had most of all the supplies already!!
Well, I'm getting ready to deliver an order for a bunch of chocolate covered pretzels to a fabulous customer. Thankful to be busy!!
Have a Wonderful night!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keeping it Real!

It's been CrAzY busy around here! We finally decorated our Christmas tree tonight...half way into December! Ugh!! The four shows I did were great and I'm seriously so tired that I almost can't wait until Sat. where there is a possibility I might actually be able to sleep in!!
Tonight we celebrated my Daughter's Birthday....officially a Teenager today!!! Time sure has a way of going by incredibly fast!! For each of the Kids birthdays, I cook whatever they want....she picked my stuffed bell peppers and garlic bread but she didn't want me to bake the dessert she wanted a store bought cupcake {with piled high frosting!}. Her Friend and she went with Dad to the store to pick it out and she returned with this....

A Dome cake, a Christmas tree dome cake....with, I'm quite certain, way more frosting than actual cake...and TONS of green hands are stained from cutting it..I'm a frosting girl and this was over the top! We all had a good laugh!!

Do you do any digital or hybrid scrapbooking? I've wanted to but I'll admit, I never have and I don't even know how to...but I'm about to learn how {I hope!!}....I was asked to join The Hybrid Chick Blog and post a tutorial once a month over there!!!I'll be working with some of the beautiful products over at The Digichick and if I can figure it all out...I'll be doing some Hybrid projects!! Exciting!!! Go check the sites out, there are some wonderful projects out there!!!

Hope your week is going great!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Keep Calm and Jingle On!!

Wow...has it been crazy around here! I have three shows this weekend and a show on Tuesday! I'm not sure that was the smartest plan {unless I had started back in September, which I had not!!} So I'm pretty much stressing about the amount, the variety, the prices, the look, the packaging.....pretty much everything...that is my way can be a little motivating too and its not to say...that I'm not excited because, I am! =:O)

Sometime though I just have to remind is what it is and the Keep Calm and Carry On signs fit perfectly to how I'm feeling. So I decided it was a perfect time to make a couple of Big Tic Tac packs with a variation of that....Fun?!
And speaking of Keep Calm and Carry's history lesson...
Did you know that the Keep Calm and Carry On theme or saying on a poster was designed to uplift morale for the British Soldiers in WWII in case of a disaster?! Apparently, they, the posters, were never really distributed and it wasn't until 2000 when one of the posters was found in a bookstore that the saying and its poster started becoming popular! Interesting huh?!
Well I'm off again...time to see what I can do with some Ghirardelli squares...
Hope you're doing something fun and remember....
Keep Calm and Jingle On!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dog'gone Cute!!!

Wherever we go, my Kiddo's are always trying to get me to buy our Dogs either clothes, treats or toys. Most of the time...I say no but the other day we were in a Chocolate Factory and saw some white dipped dog treats....since I thought chocolate was poisonous to doggies?! I asked about them....No chocolate in these, they were made from yogurt. Perfectly safe for dogs!! So I bought some and our dogs loved them!!...Which of course prompted me to must have some all natural yogurt dipped dog treats...with "sprinkles" for Christmas!! {and yes, even the Dogs, HAVE to have "sprinkles"!!}

The plan is to take some to the craft fair with me and put some in my Etsy store but I'm still wondering if I made the dip too wet??!! I'm not sure if they are going to fully dry!! They look fun and since the dogs have been wondering in and out of the kitchen they must smell good to them. So lets hope they dry, otherwise I'll have to put them in a container and our doggies are going to have some gooey treats this Christmas month!!

Who knew dog treats could be so cute!! {I know, I've lost my mind! It happens all the time!!}
The Kids are back to school tomorrow after a full week off and hopefully, I will be able to get the house back in a little bit of order and finish the laundry. A shower during daylight hours would be nice too! I need to go to Sam's Club to get some yummy cocoa packets for some snowman soup I'm making and managing my time better this week would be great! I swear this computer is able to suck up so much of my time its amazing!!!! Hopefully you are rested from this past holiday!! What are your exciting plans this week??

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

I'm recovering from my yearly dose of tryptophan and the sleepiness that come afterwards!! I even slept in =:O) Of course my tiredness could have come from all the older Kids going out at midnight to do some Christmas shopping and either calling or coming home at 3, 4, and almost 5 in the morning!! All telling stories of the crowds and their CrAzY shopping experiences....I did a little online shopping at midnight and was pretty happy with my purchases. I'm not a big crowd fighter so I was done by 12:30am!! Did you brave the crowds and go out? What was your most amazing deal?

I did make some of these little candy pockets goodie bags before the Thanksgiving guests arrived. I saw some similar for Thanksgiving and thought what a great idea for Christmas!

Filled with lots of yummy candy....The Candy cane can be placed on the tree afterwards and the little tag can even be used again on a parcel or package! Love that!! Too fun!! I put some in my etsy store in case your interested!

Well, I'm off...going to do a little more online shopping and then start working on some more goodie bags for the craft show. Hope you are having a Great Day and if you're are getting Great deals!!

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Just a quick pop in here to say....Happy Thanksgiving!!!
It wouldn't be Thanksgiving, if I didn't say what I'm thankful for, even though I know I should say it more often...
so, not in any particular order....
I am very Thankful for everyone who visits my blog and to those who leave comments and those that don't.
I am very Thankful for those whom support me with every purchase!
I am Thankful for my beautiful, crazy, exciting, interesting, lovely Family...near and far, whom I desperately love, a lot, a lot!
I am Thankful for Friends who sometimes amaze me with their kindness, thoughtfulness, the laughter they bring and just plain niceness!!
I am so very Thankful for my Honey, who never fails to work harder, treats me like a Princess and is a wonderful Dad....everyday!!
There is so much more I am Thankful for...but I guess you just need to know that
I am Thankful!!

I hope you have a Wonderful Holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside!!!! Brrrrrrr.....

It's Freezing!! its not exactly freezing...but it feels like it to me!! There is even a Freezing warning for the it IS cold...perfect time to make these wrapped Chocolate Bars! When I was cruising around and saw these little snowman here, I sweet {like most of her stuff...Cute, Cute, Cute!!}! These are such perfect little winter treats! I decided I couldn't help but make some and sitting here freezing right now was the perfect time!!

I love the little wrappers but felt I needed to make them a little more dimensional for I put some glitter on the hearts and used Crystal Lacquer on ALL the little black buttons...they almost feel like they are popping off the chocolate bar now!! I love it...and they are shiny too!! If I make them again, I will add the Crystal Lacquer to their little carrot noses too!! Have you used Crystal Lacquer?

I've had quite a few emails regarding my little Magic Reindeer Food...a lot wanting to know whats in em'....I used colorful bird seed, oats and sugar crystals in mine. Eco-Friendly!! The fun part about it...we tossed the left over mix out in the yard and.....there have been more birds out there! {Kinda sad for the Doggies, who really, really, want to chase those birds but fun for us to watch!!} Thank you to everyone who wrote with your nice comments!! They mean a lot to me!!
The weeks continue to be crazy trying to get things together for the craft fairs. I sure hope I end up having a lot...right now its looking pretty slim...but I'm trying...really I am...even in between taking the Kids to a pre-screening of the movie Tangled..Which was very fun..this little guy was my favorite part...

It comes out on Wednesday so if you like cute Disney movies...go see it!! You'll laugh!!
Well...its late and cold...I'm off to snuggle up...

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Magic Reindeer Food!!

I'm still here! Sorry for the lack of posts lately...I'm really trying hard to get ready for the craft shows....I love to do them but at the same time, I always want my stuff to be super cute and so I think that makes me super slow moving {plus, the four Kids at home might have a little something to do with it!} My craft room is a major disaster!!! WOW...its almost hard to walk in here! I did just finished a bunch of little test tubes filled to the brim with Magic Reindeer Food!! The kind you sprinkle on your lawn on Christmas Eve to help Santa find his way right to your house!

I love how they turned out! Is that weird to say about your own stuff? Well...I guess if I didn't like wouldn't be seeing it and I certainly wouldn't be selling it eh?! I think thats whats hard about blogging never know if anyone likes your stuff.

I think my favorite part of these little tags is the little sprig behind the "oh, deer" tag! Fun! I love these PTI stamps!! I think I have a PTI addiction. {lol, that actually sounds like something scary! Its not, really!} On the back of each tag is a little poem on how to sprinkle the reindeer food...{Love}

What are you doing? Are you going to any craft fairs? Are you doing any craft fairs? I seriously think Christmas is coming WAY to fast!! Hope you're doing something you love!

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Happy Little Houses!!

November is FLYING by! Super fast!! It just needs to slow down...I have so many things to do!!! Is it going quick for you? All the stores kinda skip Thanksgiving too, nothing but Christmas right after Halloween. Its all too fast for me right now!
I have been crafting though....working on items for the craft fairs I'm doing. I've been working on these little house ornaments..they are so cute...I love that each one has its own personality!

I told my youngest there were magic fairies in she wants them all and has been asking for me to make her one with dogs on I'll have to be on the lookout for some cutie dog fabric print. I still have more to sew....they all seem to be in various stages of done....but not enough completed....

What are you working on? Are you doing any craft fairs?
I'm off to sew some more....Have a great rest of the week!!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

November Already!!?!!

This month is going to be super busy!! I am doing a couple of crafts shows in early December and will be trying to get all sorts of goodies ready for them in the next couple of weeks!! Unfortunately...with all this leftover Halloween candy starring at me and my lack of will power over such yummy deliciousness, I decided to bag a few into these cute little bags!!

This one is making its way home to AZ tonight...tucked safely into my sisters luggage for giving to my other Sister! How can anyone loss weight this week?! Oh, I know most can...but I have a serious feeling that tomorrow the scale will not go in my favor...and it will be my will powers fault for sure!!
Get ready to see some craft fair items in the next couple of weeks....I feel I'm already many little time!!
Off to get ready to take my Sister to the airport...with tears in my eyes already!! =:O(

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!

Just wanted to pop in today and wish you all a Frighteningly Good Happy Halloween!! While we had a Halloween Dinner party here last night....we will still have our annual spooky dinner tonight....on the menu....Maggot Stew and Moldy Biscuits!! Yum!!

Whats on your Halloween menu? Eat, Drink and Be Scary, safe and Fun!! Happy Halloween!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Classroom Treaties!

I can't believe this is the last year I can send Halloween treats into the classroom,{although, at this school they are not suppose to have any treats, but I sneak em in anyway!}. Next year my youngest baby will be in Jr. High and they don't take a bunch of treats in...they just want a couple for their best friends. This year Hannah wanted to give little treats and picked these...

I always like to use what I have in my after looking around I came up with these...tiny little envelopes. Decorated with some ribbon, ticket and spooky spider.

We tucked a little piece of Martha Stewart scrapbook paper in each envie to give it a little pop. For the back, I printed a little label that says...Happy Halloween from Hannah...Cute, easy and favorite things!!

I still have to make a treat for Miranda, she wants something a little bigger, "because she's older". Luckily, I only have to make 10 for her but since she needs them tonight for the church group is having a little Halloween party...I better get to work! What treats did you come up for your Kids?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Little Treats!

I'm shipping out these little treats cute! Inside are filled with chocolate covered pretzel bits. Some have lime green chocolate drizzle! Too Fun! What a cute a easy giftie....I love stuff like this!

I used PTI Tiny Treat stamps....I think I have some addiction to the Tiny Treat sets!! They work with so many things!! Colored with Copics of course and a little sparkle was added by using the Spica pens! Happy!!!
I have one more order to get out and I think I'm officially done with Halloween!! Yesterday I spent the day cleaning out my office and putting all the black, orange, purple and lime green stuff in boxes till next year!! =0( Sad to see it go...its such a fun and silly Holiday. On to Thanksgiving and Christmas!!! Woohooo...I will be doing a couple of Holiday Boutiques again this year so I need to start working on things for that....Have any ideas??????
I wanted to tell everyone who has visited my blog and left me nice comments lately that I really do appreciate it!! I feel all warm and fuzzy from all your good thoughts and enjoy reading them all!!!! So, Thanks!! A lot!!
Have a Great Day!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

{Winner} Spooktackular Blog Candy!!

Creative Patti!

Congratulations on Winning!! Please email me your address so I can get this out to you!!
Thank you to everyone who entered! I loved reading all your comments and nice words!! Don't worry if you didn't win this time, I will have more giveaways along the way!
Its a cold and rainy day so I'm off to snuggle up and watch a movie!

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