Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Use what you Already have.....

Christmas is such a fun time of year. Busy. Reflective. Promising. Exciting and a little sad too. I wish I lived closer to my Family, who I miss just a little bit more than usual this time of year!!

Yesterday, when I asked my Daughter for some ideas on what she might want for Christmas...she exclaimed that she wanted a big candy bar like I have in my office...then she said...no wait...I want TWO!! So funny!!! I do have a bunch of chocolate bars in my office...these ones...

The Kids want a couple of special chocolate gifts to give to friends from church and school...so I thought these would be perfect!! A little smaller than the bars I used last year but just as yummy!! They are so easy to make! They look pretty and taste yummy...could you ask for anything better?! {LOVE}

What little gifties are you making for your Kids to share with friends? For me...these fit in my budget quite nicely...I only had to buy the chocolate which I bought when it went on sale. I used 2 sheets of scrapbook paper per bar and rubber stamps, ribbon and other supplies I already on hand. The picks I bought last year when they were on DEEP discount just so I would have them this year!! I Love that I had most of all the supplies already!!
Well, I'm getting ready to deliver an order for a bunch of chocolate covered pretzels to a fabulous customer. Thankful to be busy!!
Have a Wonderful night!!


  1. Wowzer! These look fabulous! I think I could resist the chocolate so I wouldn't mess up the beautiful packaging :)

  2. Who could that fab customer be?! I am having a midnight chocolate pretzel treat right now :)

    like a little mouse eating cheese!


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