Saturday, October 18, 2014

Easy Halloween Treat Bags!!

I dusted off the cobwebs in my studio and made a couple of Halloween treat bags to give out! I love this time of year!! It makes me feel closer to my Family and want to be home cooking, decorating, crafting and hanging out more! Like nesting but without the pending pregnancy, thank goodness! LOL. I am hoping for lots of rainy, blistery days this fall season!!

All these Halloween treat bags are super easy to make! Some of them I just used pre-made bags or sacks and just altered them to make them a little more homemade! How easy is that???

This first one was super simple… A kraft treat bag, ribbon, metal tag and an adorable owl charm. "Owl" always love giving these treats out!! harharhehe.

Next is a Martha Stewart treat bag. I buy her bags every Holiday…they are normal really cute and with just a little homemade touch they always make the cutest bags. For this one, I just added the doily, ribbon, glittered clothespin and my favorite little spider too.

I found these pre-made Jolee's Boutique bags this year too…I just added rhinestones to the bag and tied it up with pretty ribbon and a vintage flower stem! I love that treat giving can be simple, fast and fun!!!

I made a few more but my camera battery died so this is the last one I'll be showing you today. (I love it when Im prepared to blog and then I'm really not….) This little treat bag took a little more effort but still easy to do and I think it turned out super cute! (Kinda bummed that the feathers blocked my bat but unfortunately, I didn't notice it until I put in on here!!!)

Do you get a lot of trick or treaters at your house?? Did you make any treats this year for Halloween??

I'm off to walk our doggies, Thor and Celia and make a quick stop at the dog park. Speaking of Halloween, we got them a shark costume a couple of weeks ago to try on…they didn't seem to like it. We will probably find them a t-shirt or something to wear…They are so cute dressed up!!! Do you dress your animals up??? (and I'm not talking about the Husband or Kids! Heehee)

(P.S. My studio really didn't have that many cobwebs…I just have found it harder to keep up with the blog)

Hope you're creating something fabulous!!

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