Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Don't Change the Wrapper!!!!

I know...its been a little boring around here lately....I'm trying to get some stuff ready for the couple of craft shows I'm in! I've been busy making little happy these...I know you've seen me show them before but these little peppermint candy bags are some of my very favorites...I dressed them all up for Christmas this time of course.

They all got a little tag or hanging something and then I couldn't resist adding a little jingle bell to each one too! I used all sorts of Christmas scrapbook paper and ribbon. I made lots and lots!! They look so pretty all together!! I'm more concerned with the fact that I think York has gone to packaging the peppermints differently! They are coming now in little packets instead of foil wrapped! I thought maybe it was just for the Holidays but it appears that even the everyday ones are in the new wrapper too....and that is sooooo sad!!! The crafting community should write letters!! Boycott the new wrappers!! LOL...anything..a revolt..just tell them not to take away the foil wrappers!!!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving.....lots of yummy foods and family! Although sometimes I forget during the struggles of everyday life, I am Thankful for SOOOOOOOO much!! May you have a blessed Thanksgiving with LOTS to remember to be Thankful for!!
Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Is it YOU????

Another busy week is shaping up! I'm still working on crafties for the Boutique but managed to get in some fun time with my Husband. He and I had a chance to see a pre-screening last week of the movie The Blind Side!
OMGosh...if you have a chance to go see this!!! It was GREAT! I laughed and cried(as always) and had such happy feelings during the movie! The fact that it is based on a true story is amazing!! Go see it!!! were waiting weren't you?!.... Waiting for....

The winner of my blog candy.....

Well....while I wish you all could win.....there can be only one this time....

and its:

beadz who said...
I guess I was supposed to leave a 2nd entry saying that I am a follower - so I am!
November 9, 2009 6:40 AM

Wooohoooo for You, Gini! Please send me your contact details...If I don't hear from you by Sunday....I will randomly pick another!

The comments were all great and I loved reading them all! Thank you for taking time out to enter!

Until next time!

Friday, November 13, 2009

I'm not just "hanging" around! =:O)

There is still time....not much time, less than a week really, to enter to WIN my first year blog candy!! Hurry!!!
Click HERE! Odds are very good!~~

I have been busy! Busy making little crafties for my first ever craft faire! I am making some little do dads that will be inexpensive but cute! This week, I have been working with these...

Using only scraps from my HUGE scrap paper pile, I turned those into these and made lots and lots of them....

They are not as fast as I thought they would be to make. In fact I have been working on them for days! I measured the paper and glued them, I Mod-Podged them. Then of course finding the perfect accoutrement for each one is probably the most important thing! Some have flowers, some have bottle caps, some have buttons and string, the one thing they all have is....cuteness!! I even made some for myself! =:O)
Its getting pretty cool here in the mornings, today it was 40 degrees when I got in my car! I love cold mornings. The kind where you can see your breath in the air! I only wish it snowed here. Then the Holiday spirit would really kick in!!
I hope you had an amazing morning and your weekend is wonderful!!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Chocolate ~ All Dressed Up!

~~There is still time to Enter to win my Blog Candy !
Click HERE! Odds are very good!~~

Im busy trying to get some stuff ready for a Holiday Craft Fair!! I've been working on these lately....a beautiful way to give a little gift to someone....

You can't give a Huge gift to everyone you know...but a Giant Chocolate bar that is both inexpensive and dresses up quite well can be the answer! It would make me feel special if someone gave me something like the Chocolate...a double bonus!!

Theses ones are made with scrapbook paper, holiday picks and a Giant Hershey bar. I added tags stamped with Papertrey Ink 2008 Holiday Tag Collection stamps and ribbons of course! Happy things I tell ya...

Hope you are having a happy kind of day!! Have a great Weekend!

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