Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dog'gone Cute!!!

Wherever we go, my Kiddo's are always trying to get me to buy our Dogs either clothes, treats or toys. Most of the time...I say no but the other day we were in a Chocolate Factory and saw some white dipped dog treats....since I thought chocolate was poisonous to doggies?! I asked about them....No chocolate in these, they were made from yogurt. Perfectly safe for dogs!! So I bought some and our dogs loved them!!...Which of course prompted me to must have some all natural yogurt dipped dog treats...with "sprinkles" for Christmas!! {and yes, even the Dogs, HAVE to have "sprinkles"!!}

The plan is to take some to the craft fair with me and put some in my Etsy store but I'm still wondering if I made the dip too wet??!! I'm not sure if they are going to fully dry!! They look fun and since the dogs have been wondering in and out of the kitchen they must smell good to them. So lets hope they dry, otherwise I'll have to put them in a container and our doggies are going to have some gooey treats this Christmas month!!

Who knew dog treats could be so cute!! {I know, I've lost my mind! It happens all the time!!}
The Kids are back to school tomorrow after a full week off and hopefully, I will be able to get the house back in a little bit of order and finish the laundry. A shower during daylight hours would be nice too! I need to go to Sam's Club to get some yummy cocoa packets for some snowman soup I'm making and managing my time better this week would be great! I swear this computer is able to suck up so much of my time its amazing!!!! Hopefully you are rested from this past holiday!! What are your exciting plans this week??

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  1. Adorable! Love that idea. May just have to make some for my mom's pups for Christmas!


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