Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!!!

I just wanted to Thank each and everyone of YOU for all your encouragement and support during 2011!! Please know that you are all very much appreciated!!!

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I hope 2012 is exciting, healthy and super fun-filled for all!! See you in the New Year!!!
Much love and gratitude,

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Words Today....

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry, Happy Christmas!!!!

I truly hope your Christmas is everything you had hoped it would be and more!!

Hugs and Love,

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wordly Wednesday.....

WOW! WOW! WOW....Where has all the time gone??? The season is almost sad is that? Hate...that....Hate Shopping too...but that's a lot of what I've been doing...and trying to shop on a tight budget....grrr...hate that too!! Is anyone else struggling this Holiday season? It doesn't help that my Mum is not here and this is the first Christmas without my emotions are up and down and....up and down!! Just keeping it real.

I'm trying to remember these words....because they are sooooo true!

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Hope to be crafting full time again...starting next week. One of my goals for 2012 is to be more consistent, something I definitely need to work on. The shop is closed until the new year with hopes of having some fun new stuff in there then!!

Hope your Holiday season is going great!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Wednesdays Words.....

Happy, Happy Wednesday!!!

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Hope your week is going great!!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December Daily!

I'm always behind. I finally started working on my December Daily! I've taken pictures and I have stuff ready to go into it but....NO pages today I started working on the cover....

Since this is my first year playing along with the December Daily idea...I'm not sure what size will work best so I went with an 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. I used Martha Stewart wood grain paper on the cover and then embellished with some of my large crepe paper frill ribbon in white. Then using bits from here and there...some red and white twine from my etsy store, a Martha Stewart holly leave and felt pointsetta, a peppermint stick from Michael's, snowflake from Jolee's by You, letters from Pink Paislee...I just started layering...

I can't wait to start getting some pages together!! Such a fun idea!! Are you doing a December Daily? Have any good tips to share?
Well....back to it....Hope you are having a fabulous day!!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cookies are Made of Butter and Love!!!!

Its the time of year where everyone is baking and cooking all sorts of delightful delectables!! Every year when December rolls around I say I am going to host a Cookie Exchange Party, this is the year! Then too many things come up and I forget about doing it, when I finally remember....well its just to late!! Luckily I was invited to a friend's cookie exchange! So I was able to have all the fun without all the work! We were to each to bring 3 dozen treats....and a $10 gift to exchange!
While I wish I could be like Bakerella....I just don't have those skills in my attempt at snowmen gingerbread turned out looking like this instead of looking like her little adorable masterpieces!! Oh well....they tasted Great!!

Quite a few of mine.....overflowed onto the sides of the cookies...but I didn't mind...those ones stayed home...and got new Melted Snowman Cookies!! They tasted just as good as the "real snowmen".

For the gift exchange I gave one of my mini albums with all green got traded several times before finding its new home!! That was so fun to watch and see!!! I wrapped it up all pretty too....

I hope you get a chance to go to or host a cookie exchange party! They are so fun...I meet some really nice people!! We played games, ate, told stories, swapped gifts and I came home with 3 dozen different cookies {I wont be eating them though of course and I kinda hope the family gobbles them fast!! Its so hard to resist yummy treats this time of year!!} I'm glad I was invited and went!!! {Thanks MP!}

So whats your favorite Cookie recipe? Is there something you make every year that is a tradition that you can't do without? Do you leave cookies out for Santa?!


*Norwegian Proverb

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hello! Happy December!!!

Wow! December already!! Thanksgiving was wonderful!! Truly! I had family in and everything turned out great! I feel so blessed to have such a crazy and awesome family!! The food was super delicious! Some of the highlights were: Honey BBQing the turkey in the back yard which turned out delightfully moist and tasty. My Sister made a new {to me} stuffing that had sausage in it and that was so yummy, I had an incredible hard time staying away from it. {I did gain 1.4lbs this week! Just keeping that real!} My Sisters and Family laughed a lot, ate a lot and of course did a little crafting!!

My Niece shared with me a web site that I had never heard of but was super fun... Cut Out + Keep from it we made little stuffed owls..

These owls are from the two youngest members of the craft team! A D O R A B L E!
Unfortunately...everyone took home their owls with them before I was able to get a picture with them all together! Everyone of them turned out beautiful and fun though!! Success!!!

The next day we painted rocks. Painted rocks?! Yes....we painted rocks! Our intention was to paint them and them leave them all over town on our travels...perfect for making someone else have a smile! The idea that made me want to do it came from Chicken Nugget Lemon Tooty but really I've been seeing it everywhere, Renton Rocks and my favorite, Color Me Katie Here are a few we did....

While I went to the gym, half of the crew went to the mall....I forgot about taking pictures of the dried rocks but the Kids didn't forget to take them....they placed them here and there and when they were done shopping retraced their steps.....ALL the rocks were gone!! Found new homes!! There was a cat one and a mustache that looked like a a gourd, painted orange that said "Eat More Squash", ones that said things and some that didn't but they were all fun....and ALL were gone by the time they came out of the mall! The Kids came running into the house to tell me that they were all picked up!! They loved it!! I was bummed that I didn't get pictures of all of them before they were placed and I was a little sad that I didn't go to get pictures of the actual placement but Mall shopping on Thanksgiving weekend...NOT for me....its okay though....another batch is going to be made soon {LOVE}....and I'll make sure I get pictures next time!!!

I hope your Thanksgiving was full of blessings and Family and Love!!

Now that December is here I'm gonna try to do a December Daily. If you don't know what a December Daily is... you can check out Ali Edwards posts on it....basically its an accounting of your life in the month of December! I think it will be a wonderful thing to bring out each year to see what the previous year before was like! Like I said....I'm gonna try!!

I downloaded these free number tags from Cathe Holden's Spool Advent Calender! {Which is so fun!} I printed them directly onto card stock to use in my little album....I'll show you as it progresses!!

I'm off...Hopefully your having a great day!!! Happy December!!!
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