Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thinking of Summer!!

How Exciting!!!....I was featured on the blog Be Different...Act Normal and wanted to say...Welcome to the peeps that are popping in from over there!! If you haven't visited her blog (which I do almost daily!) you're missing out! She's Fun and her site is super Cool! So Check it out!!

Yesterday, Katie and I went to a sneak preview of the movie, Dear John!

It was such a good movie! During the movie, Katie turns to me and says "Mom, I knew you were gonna cry like a babe!!" Nice, of course I cried. I couldn't help it! It certainly wasn't a hard movie to watch..some of the scenes in the movie were on a beautiful beach and gorgeous southern properties and the main character is well...hes just....well he's just a fine looking young man! Its definately more on the Chick flick go see it when it comes out!!

That movie made me think of summer and I project I did a couple of weeks ago....I found these starfish in San Francisco when Kolt and I were checking out a College he wants to attend, once I saw them, I knew what had to be done...paint, glitter and bling...

Interesting, fun and you have to admit a little bit cool! These would be so cool to add to like a shell picture frame...the one standout...the about in the bathroom? or put one with a know the Stand out STARfish...hehe...and no I didnt forget it wasnt summer...I knew that Valentines was coming yes I added in a little, glitter and bad could it be?

I've got some more Valentine ideas coming....I'll push summer to the side....
Thanks for stopping by and all the great comments you have been leaving! I've loved reading every one of them! Thank You!!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I'm Nuts about this!!!

Okay so...not everybody likes candy on Valentines...I know...Stop Laughing...I'm serious!! Really though...Nothing like a Candy Holiday to ruin a weeks worth of good dieting. I found a little solution...

Are these too cute or what?! Little small tins filled to the brim with Almonds, plain, natural Almonds!! An adorable couple of little A Muse stamps, the squirrel and the "Nuts about you" one, a little scrapbook paper, some ribbons, a heart button, twine and viola...a treat anyone can eat. Okay, not everyone, not those allergic to nuts, but mostly anyone else. They wont expand your waistline either!! Its thoughtful and Fun!!!
I'm just Nuts about this one! =:O) And I think February is Heart Health Month too!! Even Better!!! What are you Nuts about theses days?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I Know You'll DIG This!!!

These little shovels will make you smile!!! I saw this Valentines Day idea long ago from Family Fun magazine and thought...sometime Im gonna try that! So I finally did...and they are sooo cute!!

I made the tags on the computer and put different sayings on them....such as..."I DIG You!", "I know You're Gonna DiG this!" and "Here's a Treat you can Really DIG into!!" those were the only ones I could come up with off the top of my head! I'm sure there are others out there but these worked!! Punched them out and pop dotted a Martha Stewart scalloped glitter heart and Viola...adorable little treats!!!

Really Cute.....I simply DIG it!! hehe. As always...for a closer look, click on the pictures and they will get a little bigger!
Hope you're having a Great Day!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Be Mine!

This card and matching lollipop are so fun! I used K&Company paper for both! I think I'm in love with Valentines paper. Everything is so pretty and yummy!! The Ribbon from Websters is so soft and fluffy too...I wish I had a ton of it!! I used a Be Mine stamp from Hero Arts and stamped the center of the heart....Love that!!!

These lollipop wrappers are so easy to make too! I just measured my lolli and then made a matchbook cover using scrapbook paper. Punch a hole in the center of the bottom fold and two holes on the sides for the ribbon to slip thru. Embellish and Viola....a wrapped up treat which could be modified easily to include a To and From tag for a classroom sweet!!! If you have Kids in school what are you sending in for Valentines? I love hearing interesting ideas!!
Hope you are having a Great Day!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Heart Day!!!

Ahhhhh...the Reds and Pinks are coming out..everywhere you look are yummy hearts and pretty colors!!!! My favorites!!!

The paper is Martha Stewart and let me tell you...I'm in Love it with it! The red with the white polka dots is my favorite piece of paper ever!! I don't know why but I love it!!!

I'm working on a few classroom treats too, as you can see! Don't forget to check back for some more Valentines projects and goodies in my etsy store!!
To make the pictures a little bigger you can click on them as always!

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Happy little Shabby House! I couldn't get better pictures! Sad. Its kinda overcast and well my camera is a dinosaur and refuses to turn into something new......I guess it will have to do for now!

This sweetie is painted and then decoupaged with BoBunny yummy scrapbook paper! A Tattered Angel frame makes the adorable door. The roof reminds me of thatched roofing and its glittered loveliness, makes my day.

This would be so fun to get with a gift about something for the kitchen? Recipe cards? hmmmmm....would look great in a bedroom about to hold some treasures? Its too fun! How about holding lots of crafties? It could hold an old camera? hmmmm....What do you think? The perfect package for gift giving!

It will be in my shop later on today, despite protests from my youngest Daughter who feels it would definitely be perfect in her room...
Have a Happy Kind of Day!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Little Shabby Home......

I've been seeing little houses popping up everywhere! I think they are so fun, so, I decided to make a little house a Home, but you can't see it yet...I can't get a good picture...I'll have to wait till tomorrow to show you but here's a sneak peek of my happy home....

I made the roof with crepe paper frill that I made. I wanted to make all sorts of colors and I probably will...I see another house, being made into a home, shortly but the next one will be a lot more "Valentiney", that even a word? I don't know but I like it...anyway...with Reds...lots of bright Reds!!

I made enough for you you can make your own house into a home...or decorate a scrapbook page with it, or your wall....crepe paper goes with anything doesn't it? Especially Glitter!!!

So until tomorrow...
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