Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Word Wednesday....

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Wonderful Words today!!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Little Care Packages!!

So my Girls are off at church camp and today I am sending them these little boxes filled with wrapped up little treats....

Inside..all their favorites, wrapped up like little presents....oreos, gummi bears, worms and sharks, some goldfish, cheese and crackers and some other goodies...and of course a little note....I can't wait to see them and hear about their adventures!! I hope they love their boxes!!
Did you ever go away for a sleepover camp? I did one time, during the school year to Eco Week in Colorado. After a long bus ride, we arrived at camp and I thought I had landed in heaven. It was beautiful. I was bunked up with friends and we had so much fun that we ended up having to clean the bathrooms for being too loud during the night, well that and the fact that we tried to climb out the window and the counselors just happened to be right below the window....oops!!
Its raining here...pouring really and the the thunder that just started actually startled me......
Im off to the Post office....hope you're having fun!!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Colorful Bunting!

I've been sewing this weekend...I finally felt good enough to go into my studio {this cough/cold thingy is really kicking me down, I tell ya!!}....I ordered new curtains...white polka dot ones but my window needed some color...and so I made a bunting to fit above my window area...

Funky photos I know....I used the Lomoish setting for a retro look...just playing around...having a little photo fun!!
What did you do this weekend? My little Girlys are off to church camp for the whole week! I don't even know what I'm going to do without the two of them home!! I've always had at least one of them home so this is going to be new for me....I'm going to prepare goodie boxes tomorrow to ship to them!! I hope they have fun!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


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Hard to believe its Wednesday already!!!! I'm super sick and have the energy of a snail..The temps have been in the 100s and we don't have AC! My Honey is Older. We've been married for 15 years now! Got new windshields on the cars and a new washer and dryer...getting caught up on laundry now, the fun around here is almost over the top!! Can you feel it????!! =:0)
Hope your week is going awesome!

Monday, June 20, 2011


WIP = Work in Progress...that's what this is....a WIP. A sneak peek. A long time ago I spotted this tutorial on how to make clothespin dolls and saved it so I could make some of my own. {Caution: These dolls are not yet fully clothed!}

So I've been painting and trying to work on some clothes for them...which is seemingly harder than it should be! They are so fun and I can't wait till they are all dressed and I can show you them!!

Here is my Daughter's WIP...she says this little blonde doll looks just like her and I'd have to agree!! She is working on a Red, White and Blue doll for the forth of July...

She {My youngest!} is so funny....everytime I come into the studio....she has moved the little clothespins into different positions....sometimes in a circle, sometimes as little couples, sometimes they look like they are dancing...its very funny to come in and see them doing something different each time...

I'm currently sick...some kind of summer cold thing...not sure I understand could be because the weather here is day its in the 90s and I'm sweating and hot and the next day its in the 60s and I'm on the couch with a blanket on! I think my body just doesn't know what the heck to do...unless of course I suddenly have allergies and that would be no fun!

Well that's what I'm working between the pool and Six Flags and movies and the crazy schedule of teenagers and almost teenagers!!! What exciting things have you been getting yourself in?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wednesday's Words.....a little late...

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{I love when I forget something....and then remember after midnight...}

Working on some fun things....Have been painting cool stuff for the last couple of days...Can't wait to show you!
Have a Great Day...

Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer is Here!!!!!

Wow! Summer is finally here! This is the first time in a L O N G time the weather has been in the mid-seventies and I'm liking it!! I'm sure I will be complaining when its 105 degrees here, hard to breathe and sticky but mid seventies to mid eighties...I'll take any day!!

My summer postings will be sporadic as always....stopping in a few times here and there but nothing specific on the agenda! I will be working on some things to make and give using fabric scraps since I have boxes of beautiful scraps that I want to start downsizing and I have thought of 32 things so far that one could make and give using scraps!!! Woohooo... so I may or may not end up in my studio {it is the one room in the house that has an air-conditioner in I can keep nice and cool in here!!} I like to keep the summer open for who knows what adventures come our way!

I wanted to share my Birthday gift from my older Kids {yes, I turned older!}......I've been wanting a chandelier for a really long time and my Kids got me this one!!! Its so awesome!! Its Beautiful, colorful and funky fun!! {Love} I also got some mushroom salt and pepper shakers that I thought I'd share!! {adorable}

Well...I'm off...time to go work out in the pool...tomorrow...its Washer and Dryer shopping day....hoping I can get a good deal on them because they definitely were NOT in the budget but both of them have worked hard and apparently have come together and decided to both not work right at the same time...grrrrrr...
Hope the start of summer is going your way!!
Have fun!!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Word Up!

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Whats been happening??? I am still making candy leis'...I have 20 to go and then I am caught up...kind of happy about that...I think I've gained 5lbs since I started playing with all the candy!!!
The sun finally started peeping out and I was able to go to the pool yesterday...when you don't work out for a week because of the weather...its not that good.
Hard to believe, School is officially over for the summer tomorrow and I will no longer have a child in Elementary school!!! I can't believe they are all "Big" Kids now! Let the fun begin!!!
Hope things are going your way and you have a Great Day!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Big blossoms.....

I've been working on fabric blossoms for the candy leis' and they look so pretty just piled up on each other I thought I would share a peak of some of them...

I still have about 25 more to go before I can start of the actual candy lei part and can't wait to see all of them made!! I think I need a little thimble....two of my fingers are sore from working with the needle!!!
Hope you're doing something fabulous! Have a great Day!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wednesday's Words.....

{I can't remember where I found this picture...maybe Pinterest? Sorry}

Working on Big Blossoms today and wondering when the rain will stop and the sun will come out to is June already!!!
Hope you had a wonderful long weekend! My Sister flew in and I was busy'm going back to work!!
Have a wonderful day!!
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