Thursday, December 9, 2010

Keeping it Real!

It's been CrAzY busy around here! We finally decorated our Christmas tree tonight...half way into December! Ugh!! The four shows I did were great and I'm seriously so tired that I almost can't wait until Sat. where there is a possibility I might actually be able to sleep in!!
Tonight we celebrated my Daughter's Birthday....officially a Teenager today!!! Time sure has a way of going by incredibly fast!! For each of the Kids birthdays, I cook whatever they want....she picked my stuffed bell peppers and garlic bread but she didn't want me to bake the dessert she wanted a store bought cupcake {with piled high frosting!}. Her Friend and she went with Dad to the store to pick it out and she returned with this....

A Dome cake, a Christmas tree dome cake....with, I'm quite certain, way more frosting than actual cake...and TONS of green hands are stained from cutting it..I'm a frosting girl and this was over the top! We all had a good laugh!!

Do you do any digital or hybrid scrapbooking? I've wanted to but I'll admit, I never have and I don't even know how to...but I'm about to learn how {I hope!!}....I was asked to join The Hybrid Chick Blog and post a tutorial once a month over there!!!I'll be working with some of the beautiful products over at The Digichick and if I can figure it all out...I'll be doing some Hybrid projects!! Exciting!!! Go check the sites out, there are some wonderful projects out there!!!

Hope your week is going great!!

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  1. That's a LOT of frosting! Haha! It sounds good but I have to admit, the stuffed bell peppers sound SO yummy! Wow, congrats on being asked to join on for hybrid tips. I will check it out, for sure. I am interested in trying out digi/hybrid crafting. :)


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