Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hawaiian Raaaaainbows.....

Okay...I've been working this morning!! I know...can you believe it?! Really, I did! I made a few of the candy leis' for the end of school, which are now officially called Big Blossom Candy Leis'! They turned out toooooooo cute and are so fun!!! I think all the Girls classmates will love these!!

I didn't use curling ribbon as most suggest because its just not my favorite item, instead I used colorful ribbon. Many people also use Saran Wrap but I used cellophane to wrap the candy and there is a lot of candy in these....but my favorite part is the Big yo-yo blossom! This thing is HUGE and happy and when the candy is can be used again!! Maybe to make a hair band or a brooch or on a scrapbook page...{Love!} Who knows what the Kids will come up with!!

I grabbed the oldest before he ran out the door helpful to have a handsome, willing participant {even if he does need a shave...ahem!} he is striking a pose for me, wearing one....

I'm happy they turned out as I envisioned....its always good when I don't have to scrap a project after I've purchased all the supplies!! Have you ever done that?? Not fun!

The Girls are off school again for Memorial Day but they also have two forced furlough days too, so it's another 5 day weekend!! I'm excited about Sister is flying in for the long weekend...a belated Birthday present to me and it should be a super fun I'll see ya next week!! Oh and in case your intrested in purchasing your own Big Blossom Candy Lei....I put some in my esty store!
Have a great weekend!!!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I bought all the supplies for candy leis.... and I'm gonna work on one tomorrow to see if its all that I envisioned....hopefully I'll be able to show ya one tomorrow!!
Have a great night!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Sunny Monday!! dear Daughter made it home safe from 5th Grade Camp!! She had an incredibly fun time and came home with no bumps or bruises or tick bites to speak of! I was very happy that the Teachers took such good care of them and that they took pictures and uploaded them each night so we could see what they were doing! {Love that!!} I decided to send in a little "Thank You" to the Teachers that went.

Since I haven't figured out how to make my own graphic labels, I always search around the Internet for some...They are usually inexpensive and quite cute! During my search I came across Lauren McKinsey's Design blog....she makes some adorable printables and these were on her blog for free for Teacher Appreciation Week! I Love Free!! I downloaded them and decided I would use these...they were perfect!!

Using some Prima Flower bottles I had been saving....I spray painted the lids red and started sticking the labels onto the Hershey Kisses....added the bow and tags and thought it needed something I put a pencil under the bow and viola...adorable....just like my she is at camp...playing in the tide pools...getting ready to pick up a crab!!!

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The end of the school year is already here! I am thinking of making some candy lei's for the last day of am I on the search for things to make them with....
Hope your week is wonderful!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wednesday's Words.....on Thursday!

Its perfect...

Photo via Pinterest

The wedding we went to on Sat. was beautiful....and I so wanted to show you all the little touches they had the candy bar and photo booth....and as I pulled out my camera to capture everything....I realized I had no card in it and couldnt...whhhhaaaaaa....I was pretty bummed out about that....but managed to enjoy the evening anyway!!!

Today....I'm going to craft a bit without worrying about the mess that is my house and my Daughter wants me to pick her up after school and go see Bridesmaids with her since her Sister has been at camp all week having a blast. Seems only fair!! =;O)

Have a great day!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Packages, Boxes or Bags!!!

Heading to a Wedding in a couple of hours but thought I'd share the packaging I did on our gift...I used the colors of their wedding and even popped off the monogram from the invitation to add some more personalization.....not very traditional but then again...I'm not so sure, I am either!?!

Been a busy, busy week....working on a custom order, trying to work on a shop update, soccer...practice and games, swimming, softball games and my little Daughter is heading away to camp, next week...for the whole WEEK! Ahhhhh! Life is sometimes crazy busy!
Hope you're having a great Weekend!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Wednesday Already!!!!

Photo via tumblr

Mother's Day....completely emotional. I thought at first, I would be able to control my emotions thruout the day. 4 months have gone by. As it turns out...not so much. It was bittersweet. There were tears, laughter and love, all day. My Kids were awesome. The day was wonderful and I'm glad it has passed.

Working on some things for an etsy shop update. Need to make another Teacher Appreciation gift and must find an outfit and a gift for a wedding.

Hope you are doing something exciting!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Teacher Appreciation!

Wow! How could I have forgotten this was the week? Easy, really...our school is not celebrating it this week?!? What? Not celebrating Teacher Appreciation?....Well, not this week. Due to the budget, our school has a furlough day tomorrow so they've decided to celebrate it next week, when school is all week long!

However, when I opened my pinterest today and saw this easy and adorable teacher gift from Lisa Storms blog {which by the way is absolutely awesome!}....I just had to make it for my Daughter to give to her, this week, Teacher Appreciation Week!{I know, such a rebel!}

I went to Joanns' and bought a couple of the reusable cups. They were $5.99. I stopped off at Safeway and bought the Sugar Free, Ocean Spray on the Gos {only because the packets are pink!} When I got home I downloaded the little tags from Lisa's blog that she has shared {for free, Thank you!} and wrapped a little scrapbook paper around several of the drink packets. I added a sweet little bow to each one for fun and popped in a Starbucks gift card with a little note!! Easy, inexpensive and super cute!! LoVe this!!!

Did you do anything for Teacher Appreciation Week? I'd love to check it out!

Since tomorrow is a furlough day I think I'm going to take the Girls to the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers as tomorrow is National Public Gardens Day and many gardens are participating in a free day....print out your vouchers and go....if you're interested you can see if there is a garden near you by going here...Better Homes and Garden! Fun!!

It's in the 90's today...time to head to the pool!
Have fun!!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday's Words.....

Freak Flag:
A characteristic, mannerism, or appearance of a person, either subtle or overt, which implies unique, eccentric, creative, adventurous or unconventional thinking.

I Love this.......

Photo via Pinterest

Probably because I carry my own little freak flag! Do you?

Let your freak flag fly....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What a good week last week was!! Spring Break is a good thing!! We watched movies and ate too much. We took a day trip to Six Flags Discovery and played around, riding rides and watching shows. Volunteered at a local shelter to help serve dinner and cleaned up afterwards. Went shopping, which is always a crowd pleaser!! Drove down the coast to Monterey, which was my favorite! We went to the aquarium and then spent time at the beach....I think my favorite place is the beach....I could sit at the beach watching the waves come in for hours...

With all that goodness, fun and sparkly stuff going on....a little reality must get thrown into the mix, just so I realize and remember how all that sparkle stuff is so awesome....My Daughter got bit by a tick and that is seriously not happy! They put her on some strong antibiotics hoping to kill any Lyme disease that can occur....horrible!! and I think I may have walking pneumonia and haven't been sleeping much {the cough syrup the Dr. gives you to help sleep...not working!}....its been a good thing I feel better when I'm up and about rather than lying down!!

I also had a little time to work on my online Soul Restoration class I'm taking from Brave Girls. I love this class. Behind as usual but loving it anyway. Thought I'd show you a few peeks of my progress....

This little book is just for me...and I like it! I've never made myself anything before. Nor have I done a lot of collage art before so it's been a new experience.
The assignments each week are uplifting and self motivating and the art work just makes you feel better!! As part of the class, I've started my art journal as well! Learning new things about myself, accepting things and moving past and onward.....

My Daughter has been coming into my office to see what I'm doing and will then go work in her art journal!! Very Fun!! I love that!! Last night she asked me to do a journal prompt for I wrote in her journal, on the page she picked, {of course}....I wrote..."What are some of my Best Attributes?" and numbered I gave it back to her she said she couldn't think of 15 things!! I said yes you can...and 30 mins later she came and showed me her was beautifully decorated, all written in different colored markers with swirls and doodles...and there on her page were 15 wonderful things about her....{LoVe} She will definitely be a Brave Girl too!!!

I hope your doing something fun for yourself as well. I often forget its important to take time out just for fun! Just for yourself. Just for your Family. Without working too hard or cleaning too much or worrying about it all {I do that last one a lot, the other two....well I just worry about how I didn't do those!}. It can be super refreshing and good for your soul. I'm glad to have had a week off to relax, have some fun and not worry about what I "should" be doing. I'll get back to that this week! =;0)
Hope last week was good to you! Hard to believe its now May!!! Wow this year is flying by!!!!!
I'm off to clean...really, I have to...its so sad... but some sheets need folding and counters need bleaching....Hope your day sparkles....
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