Thursday, October 27, 2011

My Favorite Little Toadstool!!

I made my Daughters' Halloween costumes this year. A seamstress, I'm we looked around online for "beginner" costume ideas....When my youngest saw a Mushroom costume on Family Fun she said that's what she wanted to be! Okay....looked super easy to make...

This mushroom cap was a little time consuming because of all the hot gluing but easy, easy, easy to make....You only need a couple of items to make it too!!
1 Sombrero
1 yard of red and white felt {which is on sale right now at Joanns!!}
Hot glue gun
paper {you could even use newspaper!!}
Bubble wrap

It came together fast and she looked adorable and the best part....she loved it!! My other Daughter wanted to be a fish, she picked out some fabric and cut all the gills herself and pinned them....I sewed them up and her costume is super cute too..however..I was unable to get a picture of her just yet...hopefully on Halloween!! They went off to a Halloween party last night and they were both a big hit!! Love that!!

Are you ready for Halloween? Did you make a costume? What did you make if you did?

Have a Happy Halloween!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Word Day....

Photo via Pinterest

Working on Halloween back soon....
Have a Great Day....

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tick Tock...You Don't Stop.....

I'm working on things for a couple of upcoming craft shows and I will also be heading out of town soon I'll be in and out for a little bit....but mostly out maybe....

My Girls want me to make their costumes this year as well...A Toadstool, complete with Gnome and one wants to be an modern Fish..Adorable..but I'm feeling a little overwhelmed...I hope I can get it all together....we still don't even have all the inside decorations up...

They {The Girls} did manage to put the dogs in their Halloween costumes and I just love this picture of THOR in his "Bad Dog" costume which matches his personality perfectly!!

Other Stuff in my World:

My "Smart Phone" decided to go swimming with floated to the bottom in slow motion as if to say....hey look I can swim too...I don't think its very smart anymore. All my pictures were lost and the camera no longer works but I am thankful it is still working at this time...I have no upgrades available for 583 days!! ooops!!

We went and saw Footloose.....loved it...I did cry this time, unlike the first movie, only because the Kid had lost his Mother and this time I could kinda relate.

Heading into the City tomorrow to do the Ferry Building Farmers Market and visit with my God Parents who are in town from Michigan.

I have over 50lbs of candy in my office for some Sweetie Sticks I'm going to be making and every time I walk into my office I am greeted by the sweet smell of lemons, cherries, strawberries....its a good thing none of the bags are opened yet....Okay...I opened the Carmel squares but they don't really have a smell because they are individually wrapped! {and I haven't really eaten That many!!}

Tonight is my first Water Aerobics class....hope its fun!!

I'm off...much to do...Hope you're doing great!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wednesday Words....Late....

Wow...did time get away from me!! I didn't manage to even do Wednesdays Words....ugh....

Photo via Pinterest

I will have the minis/journals in the shop sometime before the end of this weekend!! I am still packaging some of them up!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mini Art Journal Fun!!!

A while ago, I bought my Girls the Smash Journals from K & Company {Okay, for myself too!}. I love the idea of it but soon realized that its just too big for me to lug around. The Girls like them but don't take them with them for the same reason and because they are too big for their already over laden backpacks. After seeing some of Amy Tangerine's albums I thought I would make something similar that I could shove in my purse and the Girls could tuck in their backpacks! This is what I came up with....

So Fun! Seriously. I sewed all these fun pages in vintage atlas pages and vintage sheet music. Plastic overlays, a card stock card, graph paper, ledger paper, regular paper. An envelope and more. Ends up to be 40 pages to put pictures on,decorate, stick stuff too and of course write on!! Here is a peek inside....

I made lots of them. I'm doing some craft fairs this coming Holiday season and need to start getting prepared...They are packaged up with some Happy Little Bits to use for the cover and inside the mini journal...This is what the pink bits look like...I thought this would be so perfect for Breast Cancer awareness...

I didn't just make pink embellishments....I made the rainbow of colors...Whats your favorite color? I probably made one in that color too! Inside is fun foreign stamps, cork board tags, glittered clothespin, felt circle, paint chips and more!! So Fun!! I'll be putting some of these in my etsy shop part is you can pick what color you want your embellishments to be!!!

So, I've been busy, busy! What are you doing? The weather here has finally turned into fall....with rain and all! I kinda love it!! I love sweat pants and sweaters, rain boots and warm crock pot food!!
Hope your having a great week!! Thanks for stopping by!!!
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