Saturday, December 14, 2013

Little Pink Glitter House…..

Hello… Just thought I'd pop in and share a WIP (Work in Progress)…

I know its been forever….Exciting new things are planned for next year….

Hope you're enjoying the season….


Friday, August 23, 2013

Back to School!!

Hello, Hello!!! I know it's been forever...wish I could say, I'll be more regular here...but it just doesn't, all gets in the way and I'm not one of those super Mom types....I'm lazy, tired and half the time unmotivated. I think if I could make the stuff and someone else would photograph it to get a blog post together...well, then there would be way more going on here!! As it is...I make stuff and don't photograph it and sell it or give it away.....then I think...Man...I should have taken pictures of that....Oh, well....I'll be here when I can and I hope you'll come stop by every once in a while to say Hello!!

Its hard to believe the summer came and the summer went and now another school year is starting....4 of our Kids are still in school. Two in College (One taking classes at night school and one going full time), one in Jr. High and one in High School. I never need classroom treats anymore....its really kinda sad...I so enjoyed when they were younger and coming up with fun ideas for them to take to their classmates for all the holidays. Now I make treats just for them and if I'm lucky they sometimes ask for treats for their friends and I'm happy I get to do that!!

This year I really wanted to make something sweet using apples for the first day of school.

We were at the Mall, school clothes shopping and I picked up some pre-made apples from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, thinking how convenient that was...quick and easy...turns out I probably would never go there again since I thought their Customer Service was AwFuL and I'm sure I could have made them as yummy at home without the attitude!!! However, since I did buy a few, I wasn't going to waste them!!

I always search Google for free printables, I typed in "Back to School, free printables" and TONS of options come up!! I choose a couple that I liked and printed them on cardstock paper. For this one I used, Bloom Designs Online for I Heart Nap Time. I did alter the tag a bit but you don't need to because the tag is super cute! I just wanted to add the black ribbon so I needed a little black on the tag to make it work for me. The M&M's on this apple remind me of school supplies!!!

Searching again, I printed this cute tag from Our Best Bites, So easy to work with! I love making things out of felt and this little heart works with this and I think the ruler button is matches the little sprinkled nuts all over the apple!!

Next I used....a cute little printable from Parties for Pennies on the Living Locurto blog. This printable was for a really cute, get to know you, game but I cut it in half, added a sticker, rounded the corners and used it for a tag.

So I'm thinking these would be adorable 1st day of school treats but the truth of the matter is.... my Girls have been begging me to eat these.....they can't wait any longer so by the time I post this they will have eaten them and I will have to make something different for them for the first day of school!! These really are an easy, fun treat!! Hope you enjoyed them!!

I hope you had a wonderful summer and did something exciting. I have been off work for two weeks for a little surgery I had to have, it kinda put a cramp on the end of summer fun activities but whats a girl to do??!!

Hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

Just a quick post to say Hello!!!

I had so many ideas this year for adorable Valentines.....I bought the supplies...and they sit in my bags....waiting...Such is life these days...I did take time out tonight to create some cute little Valentines to give out tomorrow...of course they needed to be quick, inexpensive and cute...Here's what I came up with....all created while watching American Idol....

Pretty Cute....All packaged and ready to go.....I love Valentines. Little envelopes...Hearts...Ribbon...all fun.

Do you have any special plans? Romantic Dinner? Dancing? Movies? Boycotting the whole thing? My Honey sent me a big bouquet of fruit today...a little pre-valentines....I loved it....Pineapple hearts...Chocolate covered strawberries...oh my!!! It was lovely!! Whatever you do tomorrow/today...I hope your day is special...

Happy Valentines Day!!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Sweet Thing...'s been so long since I've been here...I'm always thinking about being many ideas fill my head and then it seems I never have the time to to do them and if I do get to them...afterwards...I say dang...I should have taken pictures of that...such is life and I can't worry about when I post, its a treat for me...and well, hopefully for you!

I woke up this morning and said, I am making a treat. I didnt know what treat yet but as the Kids slept I looked around for something to make. Having supplies EVERYWHERE, I knew I could come up with something. When I saw the bags of Rolos and a bag of pretzels...I thought well that will get me in the crafty mood...and it did......We've all seen them, we've probably all made them but they are tasty little buggers and I decided to Rolo with started like this...

They quickly went into the 350 degree oven for 4 minutes....when they came out, I plopped a peanut butter M&M on top of each one....everything tastes better with peanut butter on it! They COULD have been done at that point...

But when you have a DRAWERS full of sprinkles....I'm thinking nothing is really done until you use some of them....Right????? sweet little treats turned out like this....which was promptly snagged by my Daughter who said she wanted to take it with her to her friend's house...glad I got a picture first!

These are my favorite kinds of treats...easy to make and can look so cute...Hope your doing something fun this Saturday...I guess after eating all the mis-haps treats, I better go walk the dogs....or sit on the couch...or something....

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