Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Tests Came Back!

Okay...I know its silly, but I like it! I found these great big Test Tubes and I thought, hmmmm.. I'll figure something they sat...and then this week a I was at the pool with the kids and one of my Daughter's friends was there....her Mom and I got to talking about how I was looking for a specific beach lounge chair and I had searched all over for it and couldn't find forward to a couple of hours later...back home, a knock at the door...she had been out shopping and found the chair I wanted and picked it up for me!!!!! How nice is that??? It made my day and now I have a cool chair to lay on at the pool!!!! Anyway, she didn't want money for it so I made her this cute little "Thank You"...The candy inside is her favorite, but the ideas are endless of what you could put in it!! The colors match the color of the!!!
Here's what the top looks like. It's such a fun little thing, I don't know why I like it so, I hope she does. I used Imaginisce paper that I've had for a while (Thanks Jackie!!) Hero Arts stamps. Doodlebug Card stock & Rhinestones, punches, ribbon and a whole lot of Sour Gummi Worms!!
I love Random Acts of Kindness! Have a great weekend! Its going to be in the 100's tomorrow...I'll be back at the pool with the Kids!! Have Fun!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's out there! While my own Dad has passed away he was thought of today! We had a great day today. Friends called this morning and invited us to go the local Water Park with them, we went and had a great time! The girls enjoyed going down the slides with their Dads and we enjoyed the Lazy River. The water was freezing but well worth the fun. We then headed over to a BBQ, with yummy foods and good company! My Husband had a great Father's Day!!
I rushed last night to make him this card. The Super Man/Moose Riley stamp was Perfect for how I feel about my Honey! I used Basic Grey paper, Hero Art stamp. Copic Markers and Dew Drops and I forgot who made the pins!
While I did rush and its a small card and the picture is horrible, I think it turned out pretty cute, yes it's a little off but...when he opened it, he said.."You made ME a card" and told me he loved it!! Awwwwwwww....and isnt that what its all about?!!
I hope your day was Special too!! Have a nice night!!! Thanks for taking a peek!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

School's Out...Crafting is back in!'s finally here...the last day of the Kids school...on one hand I'm happy because it seemed really busy these past couple of weeks and also because I've made some arrangements to head back to Canada to see my Grammy who is turning 100 this summer!! The Kids are excited about that....On the other not so ready for the inevitable... "I'm Bored", "What can we do", "Where can we go" questions that happens every 15 mins if we are at home!! I still haven't had time to finish my envelope album..ugh...but I thought I'd show you these cute and easy treat bags I have been making. Photobucket
They are so fun to make!! Great for Teachers, Friends or anyone who deserves a little somethin' somethin'. Made with Hershey nuggets and scrapbook paper...the themes and ideas are endless!!
Well....I'm off...the Kids want to go rent movies.....

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Really...I have been Working!!

Its been so busy around here with all the end of school year events but I have been crafting, slowly for sure!! This is what I'm working on and its almost should see my craft shack...what a mess! =;O)
I know, I know...what kind of a picture is that?! Its raining here and its so dark. Everything I tried wouldn't work! (When I list this on eBay there will be much better photos!!!) It's a beautiful, Envelope Album and it has 12! tags inside it! Hopefully it will be finished by the end of the week!! Speaking of this week...besides a fun night for the girls at The Jungle, a fabulous Flute concert at the school, field trips and more....My daughter, bridged to a Junior Girl Scout last night. Now both girls have bridged as Miranda went to a Cadet a week or so ago!! I just loved how the Brownie Vests looked as they were taken off each girl and placed on the pole before crossing the bridge...Very Cool! Photobucket
The weekend is almost here! I hope you have something fun planned! Have a great Day!
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