Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Still Here....

When I walked into my office today, I noticed my glue gun was in the trash...picking it out I realized it was still ON!!!! OMGosh!! I totally could have started my house on fire!! The space heater got unplugged...but not the glue gun!! I can't believe I did that!!! I'm still kinda in shock about it! The gun was stuck to a bunch of papers and the glue itself was almost black! Scary, Scary, Scary!! I'll be checking that {and checking it again} from now on!!! {This is the same glue gun that last month permanently left a "tattoo" of a circle on my calf when I dropped it and it stuck to my skin!}
I only have one little stuffed fabric house left to do today and all the Christmas orders are done and out. Most of my wrapping is also done...this year I wrapped quite a few like in this picture I saw over at Women's Day.....using a HUGE roll of craft paper I bought several years ago. I use it all the time and still have probably a half a roll left!! I added some doilies and rubber stamps to mine!!

Photo: Women's Day
I only have a few items to pick up for Christmas, which I will do today and grocery shop and I can officially relax for a bit! Woohoooo....exciting!!! Wish I had a fireplace....I would finish all my stuff, start a fire {in the fireplace and not my office trash can!} and drink a Peppermint latte and stare at the Christmas tree...trying to soak it all in before it disappears for another year! I'll do all that, just minus the fireplace!
I'm working right now on a few little gifts for a couple of Girlfriends which I can't show just yet because I haven't figured out quite how I'm packaging them {Presentation, Presentation, Presentation}....but some of them include an adorable little bottle of this....perfect for one and so Girly!! {Love}

Photo: The Washington Post
Have you seen this champagne before? I haven't but I'm not a big champagne drinker. I'll show you the final present when I'm done!! Fun! {It also includes a yummy bath bomb from Lush!!}
How are you? Are you all ready for Christmas? Is your shopping done? Do you have any special traditions? Are you travelling?
Well be sure to unplug your glue gun and Merry on....

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