Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Friday!!!

I'm recovering from my yearly dose of tryptophan and the sleepiness that come afterwards!! I even slept in =:O) Of course my tiredness could have come from all the older Kids going out at midnight to do some Christmas shopping and either calling or coming home at 3, 4, and almost 5 in the morning!! All telling stories of the crowds and their CrAzY shopping experiences....I did a little online shopping at midnight and was pretty happy with my purchases. I'm not a big crowd fighter so I was done by 12:30am!! Did you brave the crowds and go out? What was your most amazing deal?

I did make some of these little candy pockets goodie bags before the Thanksgiving guests arrived. I saw some similar for Thanksgiving and thought what a great idea for Christmas!

Filled with lots of yummy candy....The Candy cane can be placed on the tree afterwards and the little tag can even be used again on a parcel or package! Love that!! Too fun!! I put some in my etsy store in case your interested!

Well, I'm off...going to do a little more online shopping and then start working on some more goodie bags for the craft show. Hope you are having a Great Day and if you're are getting Great deals!!

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  1. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving Colleen. Love your little goodie bags. Best wishes, Gez.xx

  2. These are so fun and festive! That tag is beautiful! I'm with you on the dreaded "turkey sleep"!! Haha! I had nothing to do with the crowds today, either. I enjoyed some cyber-shopping late last night and was very happy with that. I knocked a lot off my list at surprisingly. Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving! :)

  3. These are so cute and festive! Love them!

  4. I love these! blogged about them and of course your pretzels :)


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