Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Beauty!!!

I made this for the P K Glitz blog and you can get all the details over there!! That Sticky Tape they have is so fun to use!! As you can see I used some of the fabric flower posies I made on this layout! I love them!!

In typical point and shoot camera cannot capture how bright, cheerful and sparkly this page truly is! =:O( I reallllllllly want a Canon Rebel.....
Hope you have a seriously happy weekend, we will be laying low...I've got a cold...passed on to me from that adorable child in this layout! I thought she was just about over it herself and then this morning she seems to have it all over a trip to the Dr. will be in order on Monday! Fun!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pretty Fabric Posies!!

Just a quick post today...I've been making pretty posies! I think I have some type of flower obsession! I needed something to put on a layout I was working on and looking at some of the beautiful fabric I have sitting here I just decided to make some. They look so cute!! They just make me happy!

I'd like to sew a few things soon...I want a pretty summery table runner and I've been wanting to make some fabric book covers and some flag buntings and and and.... I wish I could focus on doing one thing but it never works out that way for me! There are far to many wonderful crafty things out there to do!!! sigh......
Hope your having a great day!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Saturday!!

I made this layout for the P K Glitz blog since I'm starting to dream of Spring about now. I loved using the Lagoon colored glitter to represent the water...its perfect!! You can find all the details about this page on their blog!!

Spring is soooo coming! Yesterday, spur of the moment, I got 4 - 5 inches of my hair cut off!! (Honey...well he was a little shocked!) I can still put it up in a pony tail but now it feels so light and much healthier!
What exciting things are you doing???
Have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day and a Chance to Win....

P K Glitz is having a Password Keeper Challenge! A challenge to create a book to keep all your user names and different passwords in....
Here's my take on this fun challenge....I used an address book...that way you can keep all the places in alphabetical order for quick reference!! Now....I don't put the super secret, important passwords in here and you probably shouldn't in yours either...but its perfect for fun sites, social networks...things like that!

The challenge ends March 31, 2010 CST, so pop on over to Here for all the details on how you can enter and to take a look at all the Designers take on the challenge!! Fun Stuff!...and....if you enter...You could win the prize of a $25 Gift Certificate to the P K Glitz store!! Wooohoooo!!!

I hope you all have a Happy St. Patrick's Day and....

May the sun shine all day long,
Everything go right and nothing go wrong.
May those you love bring love back to you
And may all the wishes you wish come true!

Stay safe and if you're drinking a bit of the O'Green Beer...don't drink and drive!
Pinches and Luck to You,

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top of the Mornin' Marshmallow Lollipops!

Whew, been busy all day making these little lollipops... and now one of my little Helpers is home from school and she is now finishing up these yummies that she is taking to school tomorrow to give to her classmates instead of giving them little leprechaun pinches which her Teacher told the class they could NOT do to each other tomorrow! Ahhhhhh...

I'm not a very big St. Patrick's Day chocolate covered Marshmallows seemed just like the perfect little treat and the fact that I had all the supplies and I only needed a bag of Marshmallows to make it happen...really helped!!

The crazy leprechaun does come by and does a couple of silly making the milk green....and I don't need a reason to make corned beef, yum! so I'll be making that...Do you have any plans? Drinking Green Beer? Going out? Do Tell!!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

An Apple a Day!!

Just popping in real quick to say Hi and to show you a card I made for the P K Glitz blog, you can see all the details there! It was so fun making that apple on their Wonder Film!!

Its so sunny and nice here today...I can feel Spring coming!! Woohooo.....Honey even decided he needed to BBQ!! Yummy Ribs and my Daughter just brought me a recipe for Honey-Bacon Grilled Corn...and said we NEED to make this...I'm thinking she's right!!
Hope the new week is great...and remember..An Apple a Day, Keeps the Dr. Away!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Egg Carton Yumminess!!

This is such a fun way to give a little Easter treat to someone!!! Egg Cartons all dressed up! I love them!!

The possibilities and color combinations are endless and each one is cuter than the next!! Remember how I made those flowers?...Well having a stash made it so easy to just put them on the top!! (I know I said I was going to put some in my shop, and I will! but they went so fast on projects.....I was feeling selfish.....I Will make some more soon to pop in the shop...)

Inside each carton is candies, including some little jelly beans, chocolates, a little fluffy chick and an filled egg! Perfect treat for your favorite peep!!! Love these!

I have a kiddo at home today =:O( She's got a cold and sore throat...I'm hoping she will feel better before the weekend which I'm excited about! I'm ready to make monsters with the Kids and watch the movie, Where the Wild things Are. We are going to have a yummy stew with warm biscuits....can't wait! I think tomorrow I will make my little monster so that I can help the Kids and do their sewing on Sat. instead of trying to do mine and help...I think that will work better! Since she's now awake and hungry...I'm off...I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My First Tutorial ~ A Pretty Posie!!

Well...I did my first tutorial, ever, for the P K Glitz blog on these pretty little posies! I'm sure you've seen them around but I wanted to show you how I make them! While they take a little time to create, they are worth the effort!!
To start...get your supplies ready, you'll need: P K Glitz Ritzy Ditzy Glitz and Glitter Glitz in a complementary color, scallop punch, vintage paper or print, glue, brads, flower centers and leaves....after're ready to go...
Start by punching out lots of scallops can use, sheet music, children's stories, dictionary pages...anything really...

Then spray with your Ritzy Ditzy Glitz spray, I'm using Turquoise, as much as you like (I like a Lot!) and wait until dry (you wont have to wait long!)...

Then put glue on the edges....I pierce mine and do several at a time....and spoon all that yummy glitter over the glue! I love the look of that pile o'glitter...its called Lagoon...isn't it sparkly!!?!!

Here is another look at the glue all glittered up....pretty huh?!

Then, stack 5 or more of your glittered circles on top of each other and stick a brad in the center....almost done.....

Now crumple each layer towards the center where the brad each layer individually....

Finally, add your decorative centers and leaves, if you want them...and viola...pretty paper posies for your projects!! You can make them in different colors to match your project too!! Fun, Fun, Fun!

I hope you like my first ever tutorial! If you make these posies, please leave me a link here or over on the P K Glitz blog as I would love to see them!!! Thanks for taking a peek! Have a great day!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I wanted to show you all the first card I made for my very first posting over at the P K Glitz blog and you can also find all the card recipe details over there too. I thought it was fitting!

I made the little posie on this card too, using vintage sheet fun to make and next week, I'll post my first tutorial on how to make them so if case you didnt know how to already, you can make them too!! =:O)

I have to tell you that I Loved using the glitter on their Sticky Tape and can't believe I hadnt used this stuff before!! You will probably been seeing a lot more of it on my upcoming projects!! Am I behind? I don't care, I've figured it out now!! =:O)

Hope you are having a Great Weekend!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting Ready for Easter...

Wow...almost a week has gone by and into a new month!!!...I feel like I haven't finish ANY one thing and just have lots of half projects done!! Not very productive!! I did make this cute little basket out of chenille stems! I loosely followed the instructions for it on the Martha Stewart blog! Very fun!

I finished some projects for P K Glitz. My first project will be on their blog tomorrow!! Woohoo...
We've decided that Family Fun night this month will be a Where the Wild Things Are...night, with everybody making their own Monster animal/toy and watching the movie. I'm excited and need to find some old sweaters to use!! I'll post a picture of everyones Monster!! Now I just need to come up with something fun for the book didn't the Mom bring in a tray of food? What was on that tray?
Hope you have been having a Great week! Tomorrow is Friday...yeehaw!! =:O)
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