Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby it's Cold Outside!!!! Brrrrrrr.....

It's Freezing!! its not exactly freezing...but it feels like it to me!! There is even a Freezing warning for the it IS cold...perfect time to make these wrapped Chocolate Bars! When I was cruising around and saw these little snowman here, I sweet {like most of her stuff...Cute, Cute, Cute!!}! These are such perfect little winter treats! I decided I couldn't help but make some and sitting here freezing right now was the perfect time!!

I love the little wrappers but felt I needed to make them a little more dimensional for I put some glitter on the hearts and used Crystal Lacquer on ALL the little black buttons...they almost feel like they are popping off the chocolate bar now!! I love it...and they are shiny too!! If I make them again, I will add the Crystal Lacquer to their little carrot noses too!! Have you used Crystal Lacquer?

I've had quite a few emails regarding my little Magic Reindeer Food...a lot wanting to know whats in em'....I used colorful bird seed, oats and sugar crystals in mine. Eco-Friendly!! The fun part about it...we tossed the left over mix out in the yard and.....there have been more birds out there! {Kinda sad for the Doggies, who really, really, want to chase those birds but fun for us to watch!!} Thank you to everyone who wrote with your nice comments!! They mean a lot to me!!
The weeks continue to be crazy trying to get things together for the craft fairs. I sure hope I end up having a lot...right now its looking pretty slim...but I'm trying...really I am...even in between taking the Kids to a pre-screening of the movie Tangled..Which was very fun..this little guy was my favorite part...

It comes out on Wednesday so if you like cute Disney movies...go see it!! You'll laugh!!
Well...its late and cold...I'm off to snuggle up...


  1. All of your projects are wonderful and what a great variety! You certainly will bring smiles to many faces!

  2. This is "hands-down" the BEST wrap I have seen for a chocolate bar! The shiny buttons and noses along with those fuzzy hats are so FUN! Love it! :)

  3. Love it! Thanks for sharing your creativity! :)

  4. These snowmen are just adorable!

  5. I love these snowmen! They are so fun and would be the perfect gift for kids!


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