Monday, September 28, 2009

World Card Making Day is Coming!!

Did you know World Card Making Day is on the 3rd? Thats this Saturday! Mark your calendar and get together with friends or family to start crafting for the Holiday Season without the rush!

I hope to get quite a lot of Christmas cards done and with any luck a few to put in my etsy store!! What will you do?
I have already begun making Christmas cards! Here's my latest:

Martha Stewarts dimensional branch stickers are perfect for Christmas card decorations! I bought these last year and I hope to see them again this year as they are so fun to put on cards! The pinecones are my very favorite!

Honey finished the lightbox and what a difference!! You probably dont need the whole set up, if you want to change your backdrop a lot...I bet just the wonderful reflective lights with the "outdoor" light bulbs would work...amazing the difference between regular bulbs "yellow" overcast and "outdoor" lights! Try changing a bulb at your house and seeing the amazing difference!!
I'm off....I picked up my Daughter early from school today, she has a tummy ache! The school said tummy aches were going around and then comes a fever so I'm trying to knock it out before it starts...water, rice, chicken noodle soup, vitamins, more water! I hope the rest of the house doesnt get it!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Little Scholar!!

I found a "new to me" sketch challenge blog this week called Pencil Lines!! A bunch of really fun sketches for scrapbooking! Since I'm trying to work on getting some of my own pages done this sight is perfect for some inspiration!! This weeks challenge is No. 153 (sad I've missed the last 152!):

I kept this page Super simple and pretty much stayed close to the sketch. My sweet baby girls face and smile is really all that is needed on Any page anyway! =:O) Hard to believe that adorable thing of mine is now in Jr. High!!
Honey is off making me a light box. I've complained enough now, I think =;O) and I received a link (Thanks, Susan!!!) to a DIY light box that is just up my Husbands alley. I'm so hoping it works!!! In the mean time, if you click on the picture it should become bigger and more clear. (Okay...a little!)
This is the last day in a string of super hot days, all over 100. Next week we should see some temperatures 20 degrees lower and I am so looking forward to that!! I love fall and the cooler temps! I hope where you are things are just right! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Getting Ready for Christmas!!

Happy Thursday! I hope your week has been good!! I decided it was time to start getting ready for Christmas!?! I made a few cards today! I love how fun they are to make and of course, to give! Handmade cards, whether You made them or not, are always the best to give and receive, least, I think! =O) Here is one of the cards I made today using my favorite rub-ons from Melissa Frances! They always make a great statement!

For this one, after I added the Celebrate rub-on, I stamped "The Season" with PTI Holiday Tag Collection stamp! Perfect!
This card uses one of the Creative Imaginations Chipboard Snowflakes which are so fun! They are perfect for the centers and are already glittered and stick by themselves! Gotta love that! How awesome are the teal jingle bells???? Happy!!! Now I need to find them in PINK!!

Trying hard to find a way to take my pictures...Inside! I've tried numerous different lights and backgrounds...I just hate having to take everything outside to photograph! I really need a new camera and thats on the wish list but I also need a better way to take the pictures! UGH!!! Bear with me as I save for a new camera and figure out the indoor lighting thing!! Any suggestions? Other than go outside...Lazy! =:O)
Hope your Thursday is everything you hope for it to be!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Dance!!!!

Did you know that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!! Were you aware that cancer is the no.1 killer of children in America???? Unfortunately, I am aware of this statistic. Kolten was diagnosed with cancer when he was just 3 years old and we are very lucky that he is now a healthy senior in High School and continues to be cancer free but I remember like it was yesterday how close our family could have become, part of that statistic!!

In honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness, I decided to catch up on some older pictures and do a layout about a day that, even though Kolt was on chemo, he was feeling good and while we waited for his Sister to come out from an appointment, we goofed around and he started dancing. Quite a dancing fool! I remember being so happy about him dancing around like that because I knew he felt good that day!!
You can easily help out Families and Children who are dealing with this tragic disease, small, simple things CAN make a difference and EVERYBODY can help in some way or another, from sending a card, to making a dinner, to knitting a hat! Contact your local chapter of the American Cancer Society or CureSearch to find ways you might be able to help!!
Okay...that concludes my public service announcement! =:O)
As usual, my photograph is a little small...I still havent figured out how to fix that! I think if you click on the photo it will enlarge. Thanks for taking a peek!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

~Happy Birthday!~

I made this page for my OLDER Sister and strangely enough, I often thought about dinosaurs, the invention of the wheel, the discovery of fire and then electricity, while I was making this page. Time it seemed, just spun the end....I was left with a beautiful vintage type page which reminded me of her and all the crazy, fun years that have past before and how I can't wait to see whats coming up next...

This is the first time I have used a Webster's Pages scrapbook paper and I really enjoyed leaving the writing on the page as part of the focal point on the page. The pocket watch couldn't have been more perfect for a Birthday page, unfortunately you can see how sparkly it is from all the Glimmer Mist I sprayed on it!!! Here is a close up of the Melissa Frances sentiment:

I had forgotten how much I enjoyed doing my own layouts and this page inspired me to get into the grove of trying to catch up on some of my personal books which I always seem to push off to the side in the never ending attempt to make a little money.
Heather, I hope you like it! Happy Birthday! I wonder if Diane will have a Bundt cake for you?? SpOiLeD!! Wish I was there!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Spooky Treats!!! Yum!!

I love Halloween! I love scary movies and seeing all the exciting costumes that people come up with! I love it when "Honey" puts out all the scary stuff in our yard and I love the fact that it says..."fall is really here" but there is something else I love about Halloween....the Candy! Yes, I love candy. All candy just about. I don't even think I have a favorite candy. My palate just loves the sugar tastes!! I know, its bad, but they always say "love is blind" and my love affair with candy, its like that.

I've been busy making some treats! Yesterday, I made Butterscotch Haystacks, which if you like Butterscotch then these were for you...and today I've been busy making these sweet Halloween treats to give to your special goblin!

These "scary" treat boxes from Martha Stewart were so easy to spiff up a bit. Inside each box are 4 yummy Ghirardelli Carmel squares. They will look so cool at a place setting and you can stamp the persons name on the top for a more personalized look! Too Cute!!

These little treat bags hide two York peppermints! They are so fun for gift giving or for special trick or treaters! They will be on eBay later if you need a little treat yourself! =;O) Fun Stuff!! I'm working on a few more yummies too, easy to make and adorable to give but you'll have to come back to see those, the glitter is still drying!!
I've got to go....its after 3pm here and I've got nothing planned for dinner yet, where does the day go? Till next time....Stay Sweet!

Friday, September 11, 2009

What the heck is Going on Here?!!!!

I just have to ramble projects...just some thoughts about this crazy world! My Kids go to 3 different schools, across town from each other and I'm having a hard time being at 2 different places at the same time. I'm trying to manage it without relying on anyone but I'm a day late...or just 20 mins it seems.
I've been trying to figure out a good system, where to meet, who to walk with to the meeting spot, etc. That alone has been hard enough. My Friend picks up one Daughter when I get caught & their older Brother has been helpful too by walking up to the school to get his younger sister.
We'll figure it out, I'm sure. Life has a way of working itself out and I'm a firm believer of the old adage "You do what ya gotta do" but then there is crazy things like these that happen that make you question what you are doing.....
A man(and I use that term loosely) has attempted to kidnapped two different children this week near one school & another man (again having to really play up that word here) has been photographing children & woman near the other school but WAIT that's not all....There was also a "flasher" (We'll call him Creepy guy#3) and an mobile Amber Alert!!!!
What is going on here? What are the odds of this? Have you ever heard of such a thing? I know for sure I haven't. The Schools have called almost daily with updates and emails have been in abundance. How scary for the Kids this has been! I'm just shaking my head here!!! I can tell ya, I'm super glad its Friday (but not that its 9/11) and that my Kids are home and safe, at least for the weekend.
I'm done rambling now, I can't think about this anymore today and if you've read this far, I'm sure you're as happy about that as I am! So until next time, Hug your Kids and watch out for the Creeps!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Fun Halloween Flag Banner!!

Well after ironing, measuring, cutting, pinning, sewing, ironing again, sewing again....I finally finished a flag banner!! Some people call these flag bunting or flag garlands, I don't really know what they are called, but I like em!!

I love how it was blowing in the breeze! This one will be going above my bay window! The possibilities and color combinations are endless and you can even decorate them!! I think the hardest part about making them is getting a point on the bottom of the flag! I plan on making a few more, I have all the triangles cut and pinned. I even found some adorable fabric with little spiders on it in my fabric box! I will list some of them on Etsy soon, so you can find them there in a few days!
I hope everyone is having a Happy Labor Day! Do you have any plans? We will be bbq'ing Hamburgers tonight and I pulled a yummy potato salad recipe from one of my favorite sites: All Recipes so I'm off to go make it since it always tastes better when its had sometime in the fridge! Have Fun!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes, Oh My!

Last night we had a game night. Kolt's Girly Friend brought over a game called Apples to Apples . I've never played before but the older Kids had and if you haven't played either, it was super fun and easy. It was very interesting to see each Kids interpretation of a word and you can definitely see the different generational inspiration!! Kyle (24 Now!!!) wanted Falafel for dinner and Honey cooked them out to perfection! They were super delish!! We even used some of the homemade salsa I made as one of the toppings! I made Raspberry Chocolate cupcakes with the freshest & biggest raspberries I've seen and they turned out so pretty I thought I'd share! The frosting was a little too sweet for my liking so if I make these again, I'll have to change that! None of this is helpful for my never-ending diet, of course, but it sure was fun!

With no alarms set, everyone slept in a little later here today after the first big week at school! Since we are not travelling or have any big plans this weekend, I'm going to attempt to make a bunting/garland/banner. We'll see how my sewing skills are after such a long break! =:O) If it turns out, I'll post it later! =:O)
Enjoy your Weekend!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

So Thankful for Small Blessings!

Its so hard to believe another school year has started. The first day was hard for me (as it is every year!) My daughter headed to Middle school, excited, but as she got out of the car, she said she was nervous! I knew she would be okay but as I silently drove my youngest Daughter to school I couldn't hold back the tears that streamed down my face. My Kids are so incredible and I am amazed that I have another Senior in the house and a now "another" new Middle Schooler! As the week has progressed, I've learned they ALL love their Teachers and are happy with the prospect of this exciting new year. That makes me so happy for them and I feel incredibly Thankful right now..I guess that's why I decided to do a couple of Thanksgiving cards! These cards were so fun to make. I loved distressing the little chipboard hearts and spritzing the flowers with Glimmer Mist for a sparkly antiqued look. The BoBunny paper works perfect with fall and Thanksgiving flavors and using Kraft card stock is perfect for the look!!

I'm off now to make some fresh salsa. My Neighbor brought over a tray filled with tomatoes, fresh garlic & peppers along with some more zucchini from her garden and it just Screams..."Salsa"!!
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