Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Beautiful Thanksgiving!!

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Just popping in....

I didn't want Thanksgiving to go by without saying how very Thankful I am to visitors to HappyLittleArt....I love that you take time out of your own life to see whats going on in mine!! Thank YOU!
I hope you all have a Happy and Joyful Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wednesday's Word...Right on Time!!

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I feel happy today! I hope you do too!! Do you? I hope so!! I havent been very crafty though...trying to take care of the normal stuff...the everyday stuff...bills, laundry, cleaning, Snack Mom duties, shopping....everyday life has me busy...and I'm glad and Thankful and Content.

Thank you for stopping out of your busy day to visit me!! That was super nice!!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving!!!

Whewwwww....its been crazy busy around here...with what...I don't even know but I feel like I'm just going, going, going!! Ever feel like that??

Thanksgiving this year is at my house and I am pretty excited about it!! Whole Family will be together for the Holidays and that will be pretty incredible...but this year both of my Sisters will be travelling here and that makes me happy, happy, happy! I'm hoping for a fun, love fest!! {Hoping, Hoping, Hoping!}

I decided I wanted to put out a few favors this year and so I made little pockets with candies in them....Butterscotch sticks and Ghirardelli squares...Yum! I think I only have to make 5 more and I'm done!!! I downloaded the Free {Yay and Thanks!!} tags here at Shingdig Parties and here at Hostess with the Mostess! They were the perfect little tags for these bags!

The goal will be to have a bowl of cute papers and pens available and have everyone write something nice about each person and tuck the notes into that persons pocket....Then they can take their pocket and read all the little notes inside!! Fun!!

I'm hoping everyone will want to take part....what a happy thing to take home with you! Little love notes from people who love you and you love! I can see a mini album coming on.....

I've also decided to give some sweet sticks out to the Kids..and a few adults{kids}!! I love these candies on a stick! Gummies, lace, licorice, Cinnamon squares, lemons, peach O's...all fun fall colors... and they are so yummy...I know for sure because I've already eaten one!! Bad.

So that's what I've been up about you?!! Do you have some fun Thanksgiving Traditions that you would like to share?

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Race was on.....

WOW...the last couple of weeks RACED was all a flash...and quite a thrill. Whats been happening??!!! For me....A Friend of mine asked me to go on a quick trip with headed out to NC and VA...Halloween weekend, leaving on Friday at 4:30am...Really...who flys that early? Why are the airports even open!? When my Friend and I arrived in NC we were slightly unprepared for the weather was F R E E Z I N G there...Thankfully my Sister lives in NC and was able to bring me a coat....We were there to meet this guy and go to the Races...

Now I'm not a true NASCAR fan, in fact I've only been to, I think, one other race but it was fun to go behind the scenes at the race track and to meet Jeff Gordon {#24} in didn't hurt that he was also a cutie, nice and just my height...Just sayin!

We spent a lot of time looking around the garage on Sat., looking where we would be sitting on Sunday and just generally taking in the whole NASCAR experience....

On Saturday night my Sister and I headed out to the Woods of Terror in Greensboro, NC...What a blast that was!! It was so scary and my Sister kept shoving me to the front....I definitely didn't want to be the lead going through, but it kept happening....20 acres...20 big acres!! the the dark...with scary dressed up people...and screaming everywhere...and chainsaws...and it was a TOTAL Blast!!!

Photo Credit: Unknown

I arrived back home Halloween afternoon and quickly planned a dinner of spooks....we ended up having Mummys {Wrapped hot dogs}, Fried Rattlesnake {Tatar tots} and Brains {Sweet and Sour Rotkohl} worked out great..I didn't have to spend lots of time on it, {jet lagged and tired} Everyone gobbled it up...the neighbors even came over and ate all the leftovers!! Yay! Here are some of the crew...My Honey makes the best Michael Meyers eva! He stands around perfectly still and freaks people out!! Love! Ms. M. was a "Modern" fish. Her outfit was Cool enough to hang in and trick-or-treat! She picked out all the material and cut all the gills herself!! Like, Like, Love!! Ms. H.....of course was the Toadstool! All Fun!!

The rest of last week I spent getting ready for a craft fair. My Girlfriend, Marianne came over and helped me make lots of chocolate covered pretzels we took to the show on Saturday. {Thank you so much, Marianne!!} I have another show on Wednesday of this week but I'm already ready for it so I wont have to run around like a chicken with its head cut off this week!!! Wooohoooo!!
If you happen to be in the Bay Area please stop by the Holiday Fair at Monte Gardens Elementary Wednesday, Nov 9 12:45p to 7:00p at Monte Gardens Elementary, Concord, CA...swing by my booth and say Hi, I'd love to meet you!!

That's whats been going on with me...Whats been happening in your world?! I hope to be starting on handmade Christmas gifts this next you'll be seeing some of that and I hope to update my shop soon as well!! I will re-open my shop on Thursday of this week! Fun!!
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