Thursday, March 4, 2010

Getting Ready for Easter...

Wow...almost a week has gone by and into a new month!!!...I feel like I haven't finish ANY one thing and just have lots of half projects done!! Not very productive!! I did make this cute little basket out of chenille stems! I loosely followed the instructions for it on the Martha Stewart blog! Very fun!

I finished some projects for P K Glitz. My first project will be on their blog tomorrow!! Woohoo...
We've decided that Family Fun night this month will be a Where the Wild Things Are...night, with everybody making their own Monster animal/toy and watching the movie. I'm excited and need to find some old sweaters to use!! I'll post a picture of everyones Monster!! Now I just need to come up with something fun for the book didn't the Mom bring in a tray of food? What was on that tray?
Hope you have been having a Great week! Tomorrow is Friday...yeehaw!! =:O)

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