Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spring Beauty!!!

I made this for the P K Glitz blog and you can get all the details over there!! That Sticky Tape they have is so fun to use!! As you can see I used some of the fabric flower posies I made on this layout! I love them!!

In typical point and shoot camera cannot capture how bright, cheerful and sparkly this page truly is! =:O( I reallllllllly want a Canon Rebel.....
Hope you have a seriously happy weekend, we will be laying low...I've got a cold...passed on to me from that adorable child in this layout! I thought she was just about over it herself and then this morning she seems to have it all over a trip to the Dr. will be in order on Monday! Fun!


  1. your page is beautiful! BTW - I have a Nikon D40 and it is super simple to use and I have been more than pleased with it. I originally wanted the Cannon, but the Nikon ended up being in my price range ;)

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