Saturday, February 27, 2010

Family Fun.....

Our monthly, Family Fun night, a night we do something "scheduled" together where we put aside our Busy life and are just present in and for each other..(the older Kids come over too), is coming up quick and I need some fun ideas on what to do. A project, a place, anything really, just something fun. Last month, it was a Valentines project and we made a yummy dinner which included
Honey's....heart shaped barbecued Hamburgers and we all made awesome "Love shacks" (think Gingerbread houses with graham crackers instead)......the month before we went out to eat and then out for a night of "Cosmic" bowling. We've had a Bee Party with picnic food, made antennas, danced our own bee dance and watched the Bee Movie (which I'd love to show you pictures but my Kids would probably scream!!...just something fun...

I need some ideas for this months! Probably should include some green since it is close to St. Patrick's Day and should be inexpensive.....Have any Ideas??? Help Me!!


  1. Colleen, you deserve an award for the best mom ever! :) That is just so awesome what you and your family do together :)


  2. You are so very clever!! What a fun way to interact with your family. I love the hamburger idea and will add that to my things to remember to do on special occassions

  3. I think that's fab that you and your family have family fun night each week. I want to do the same thing when I have kids. The hamburger patties are too cute. I'm drooling over all the sweets. Looks like you all have a fab time.



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