Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Egg Carton Yumminess!!

This is such a fun way to give a little Easter treat to someone!!! Egg Cartons all dressed up! I love them!!

The possibilities and color combinations are endless and each one is cuter than the next!! Remember how I made those flowers?...Well having a stash made it so easy to just put them on the top!! (I know I said I was going to put some in my shop, and I will! but they went so fast on projects.....I was feeling selfish.....I Will make some more soon to pop in the shop...)

Inside each carton is candies, including some little jelly beans, chocolates, a little fluffy chick and an filled egg! Perfect treat for your favorite peep!!! Love these!

I have a kiddo at home today =:O( She's got a cold and sore throat...I'm hoping she will feel better before the weekend which I'm excited about! I'm ready to make monsters with the Kids and watch the movie, Where the Wild things Are. We are going to have a yummy stew with warm biscuits....can't wait! I think tomorrow I will make my little monster so that I can help the Kids and do their sewing on Sat. instead of trying to do mine and help...I think that will work better! Since she's now awake and hungry...I'm off...I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend!

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