Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top of the Mornin' Marshmallow Lollipops!

Whew, been busy all day making these little lollipops... and now one of my little Helpers is home from school and she is now finishing up these yummies that she is taking to school tomorrow to give to her classmates instead of giving them little leprechaun pinches which her Teacher told the class they could NOT do to each other tomorrow! Ahhhhhh...

I'm not a very big St. Patrick's Day celebrator..so chocolate covered Marshmallows seemed just like the perfect little treat and the fact that I had all the supplies and I only needed a bag of Marshmallows to make it happen...really helped!!

The crazy leprechaun does come by and does a couple of silly things....like making the milk green....and I don't need a reason to make corned beef, yum! so I'll be making that...Do you have any plans? Drinking Green Beer? Going out? Do Tell!!!


  1. Yummy...yummy! They look so good, sure to be a hit!

  2. No plans here but I do think those marshmallows look yummy :)

  3. They look oh so yummy. You are such a fab mommy.


  4. Those are so cute Colleen. It was so fun to meet you on facebook, with the papermart contest. I am following your blog, what an inspiration you are!

  5. Oh My! These are too darling to eat! But anything with chocolate will do for me! LOL So creative and fun. ~Chelsea


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