Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pretty Fabric Posies!!

Just a quick post today...I've been making pretty posies! I think I have some type of flower obsession! I needed something to put on a layout I was working on and looking at some of the beautiful fabric I have sitting here I just decided to make some. They look so cute!! They just make me happy!

I'd like to sew a few things soon...I want a pretty summery table runner and I've been wanting to make some fabric book covers and some flag buntings and and and.... I wish I could focus on doing one thing but it never works out that way for me! There are far to many wonderful crafty things out there to do!!! sigh......
Hope your having a great day!!!


  1. Colleen - I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes my mind just runs crazy with all of the fun crafty ideas. :) Really cute flowers too

  2. Those are beautiful. I guess you have Crafters A.D.D. They don't make a pill for that but blog hopping has been known to increase the effects, haha. Cute posies! Have you happened to ever visit Moda Bake Shop? They have a pattern on there for a spring wreath with all sorts of cut flowers. Could probably use with fabric or paper! Oh and add some glitter, now THAT would be fun.



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