Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Pom Pom {Love}

I don't know what it is about pom poms that I love so much but I do...they are so fun to make....even the Kids have been making some...adorable little pom poms bracelets...So sweet!!! I'm working on some garlands...pom pom garlands of love....{giggle}.

Besides making the pom poms, I haven't crafted much. It was a busy week though. To Do lists really do help!! Honey and I took the Girls to a Japanese "Dollar" store near the City this weekend. I was in Bento heaven there!! I bought a bunch of super cute things to make the Girls lunches happy, happy, happy. Today, Hannah's lunch had a boiled egg molded into the shape of a heart in it!!! I'm thinking you can't be having a bad day when you open your lunch box and there is a egg in the shape of a heart in there!!!! Along with the Bento items, I also found some adorable crafting things, pretty masking tape...the package says "Let's enjoy decorating!" Okay I say!!! Button makers and more. We also bought a couple of bags of candy called Hi-Chew. Have you ever tried it? Oh my goodness, they are delish!!! I think it might be my new favorite candy!!!! I also found a little garbage can with colorful mushrooms on it!! It had to come home with me! The Girls picked out some little bags and hair accessories, along with re-usable lunch bags...loved it in there!! A lot of fun! When the Bento supplies are down we will definitely be going back there!!!
Honey played hookie from work yesterday and we lounged around all day, watching movies, a nice way for us to start the week!!
Hopefully, I'll be more productive this week....what are your big plans???
As my Brother would say.....
Until next time, Keep living the Dream.....

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