Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Blessing and A Little Help, Please...

It's hard to do a post with something so light and fun as St. Patricks Day and something so tragic as the tsunami in Japan but today, is the day for both.

I didn't make any little treats to send in with the Kids today, they didn't seem to mind though and the little crazy leprechaun stopped by sometime in the night and left fun clothes to wear,{so no pinches today!}. He turned the milk green too and left a box of Lucky Charms and marshmallows to make some after school treats with. I'm making the traditional corned beef and cabbage but this year I'm also adding in some yummy Irish beef hand pies...Yum!!!! What are you doing? The traditional dinner? Pub Crawling...looking for that elusive green beer? Searching for Unicorns? Anything?

When we sit down to eat our traditional St.Patricks Day fare, we will remember how blessed and lucky we truly are. We will also say a prayer for the people affected by the tsunami in Japan.

Since my heart goes out to all those affected by this horrible tsunami, tomorrow, I will join many other bloggers in...Bloggers Day of Silence...The aim: to raise awareness and acknowledgement of the devastation going on in Japan. If you have a blog....consider joining in. You can also help by donating. You can donate here or choose any other relief organization aimed at helping those who are in need right now. I've said it before when it comes to donating...any little bit helps...donating doesn't have to hurt you....give what you can, what you are comfortable it your time, money, energy....or in this case, even your silence. For more can click here.

If you got thru this long post and can help in anyway...Yay and Thanks!!!

I'm off the store to pick up some stuff for tonight....I hope you have some green on!!

and until next time...

May you have all the happiness...
and luck that life can hold...
and at the end of all your rainbows...
may you find a pot of gold!!

Have a Lucky kind of day!!


  1. thanks for sharing! tomorrow i'll be silent!

  2. Thank you for sharing this, Colleen! I am participating and was able to share. This is very important and I am so happy you spread the word. Keeping Japan in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Hi Colleen, you have a beautiful heart! So wonderful of you to bring awareness to this tragedy. thanks for sharing the link, I'll have to check it out.


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