Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Ray of Sunshine.... peeking thru my window. Its been raining here....everyday. Its cold and dreary and I haven't crafted very much...I come in here and pretend I'm going to create something really great and than its too dark and cold and well...a movie and snuggle time seem so much better...

I've been thinking about re-painting my office, looking at paint chips to decide a pretty color {I'm inclined to paint teal!}....I couldn't throw away the paint strips which did not make the I started making some fun tags out of them....when they are finished I will show you...but here's a sneek peek...

What are your plans for this weekend? Top of my list is to clean my office which has seriously been neglected this week and I rented Skyline, The Tourist and How Do you Know? for some rain cocooning. Off to make some homemade chili for tonight. Warms on the inside and out!!
Hope its sunny where you are!
Have a great weekend!

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