Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hearts and Butterflies....

Oh paper scraps, you've turned into something so much better than you were before.....

I haven't crafted much lately....cleaning a bit. Laundry. Bills. Trying to get more organized is a lot harder than I thought it would ever be. I think I'm a slight hoarder. Not the kind that needs an intervention and a camera crew, kinda hoarder, but never the less, the kind that needs to stop "needing" so many craft supplies....my office is over-run, bursting with fabulous touchables and bags of happy goodness just waiting patiently to get used in the next perfect project that I just "have" to try. I'm determined to find my follow-thru. Determined to have a studio and a home that screams "Create" and not "cleanup" and so some things will turn into other things....
like a beautiful Caterpillar....

In an effort to organize, reduce, recycle and reuse...my little Hannah and I punched and punched and punched out little hearts, butterflies and circles this weekend...all from a humongous bag of scrapbook paper scraps. Scraps I save from every project ever made. Overflowing. Overtaking. Its was quite the mess but now it is much less. Just looking at this huge pile of butterflies makes me feel happy. Beautiful little butterflies. I've already used a few of them on sweet packaging for my etsy store ...

The bag of scraps is much smaller and can close now, a small feat in itself!! I'm thinking this is a perfect way to just use small scraps. If I punch them out right away...I'll always have some pretty butterflies to work with and I can throw away the punched out little scrap!!

Do you save all your scraps??? How do you store them?? What do you do with them?? Lets talk about scrap paper organization, share your great ideas!!


  1. Yep, I do save my scraps but yours looks so much more beautiful as butterflies. I keep my scraps in hanging file folders.

  2. Hi! your creations are really lovely and your blog too!!
    hugs Lou.xx

  3. A great idea to use scrap papers Colleen. I love your pretty packaging.


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