Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm in LOVE!!!!!

I am in LOVE with these fabric flowers! Can't make enough, can't stop looking at them, can't stop wanting to make every color imaginable!!
It started out simple enough...I was responding to a comment left on my blog by Suzanne of Just Another Hang Up I love checking out new blogs and so I headed over to hers...looking at her adorable items I noticed they all had these beautiful flowers on them! A couple of emails later,(Thanks Suzanne!) I was heading out to the store with a supply list to make some, okay....make..lots and lots..

I have so many ideas to use these flowers for!! Like scrapbook pages, little gifties or more cards like this one:

I decided NOT to finish the centers of these flowers, that way I could put whatever matched what I was working into the center of them. Like this card, I used a little Melissa Frances glittered chipboard heart in the flower center! Too Cute!! Then I wrapped up a full sized Hershey bar! Happy dressed up chocolate! Who wouldn't want to find that in their mailbox on Valentines Day?!! Pearls in the center for that flower...the possibilities are endless!! You'll probably be seeing a few more of these fabric yummies on future projects......

I'm feeling a little obsessed but I'm not worried too much, tomorrow, I'll see something else...I just HAVE to make..but for now, I have a working stash of these flower beauties and I even made a few extra that I will put up in my etsy store soon, so you can have a few too! Do you want them WITH or with OUT centers??? Which way is better????
Anyway....I gotta Run...Thank you for visiting me!!! I hope you have a Great Week...


  1. Oh my goodness, I love those colors. Just beautiful. Your cards are wonderful. It's so fun different applications!

  2. I like your flowers both ways, with and without centers, guess it all depends on the project!!! Love them!!!

  3. Beautiful flowers! Love them and they look fantastic on your projects. Love love love the hershey bar!

  4. Colleen, these flowers are stunning and so completely your style. Love them!


  5. OMG...the flowers and creations are beautiful!! Pls tell me how you made these beautiful flowers. I would luv to try making them.



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