Monday, February 8, 2010

Boys like Valentines too!!

I needed to make a couple of valentines that would work for Men...Friend know, just one of the guys, kinda this is what I came up with...simple, cute and not so girly, lovely dovey....which was a little bit of a challenge for me because I wanted to do bows and flowers...and PINK...but I refrained...

You can't tell in the picture but the Martha Stewart hearts are pop-dotted. I loved this Happy "Heart" Day, craft smart stamp which I got at works for everybody...boys included! The g.c.d studios paper...pretty, pretty!!
I'm finally getting my first cold of the season, thought our house was gonna skip them this year.... =:O( Seems like its gonna be a pretty good head cold....I totally want a nap! So...I'm off...Have a Happy Day today!!


  1. Very elegant card Colleen, it does work for boys and girls. I also love the Happy *heart* Day stamp...very cute. ~Chelsea

  2. I love these Colleen! Thanks for all the good stuff!

  3. "handsome" cards!! love them, my poor husband always ends up with pink cards lol!!


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