Friday, February 5, 2010

I love you to "Pieces"!!!!

I was working on a couple of orders for some chocolate covered pretzels...after I was done and getting ready to clean up, I looked at all the broken pretzels pieces and thought, hmmmmm, I'll make those for the Kids as an after school snack. So I sat back down and using the broken pieces I made a bunch of these little tasty cutie sticks...

Then I thought, hey...they would make a fun snack anytime...for anyone...suddenly they turned into this...I couldnt help myself...thats how it works for me...I think of something and nothing else can happen until its out of my head...and I should be working...and here I am playing around.....the tag says: I Love You to Pieces! Happy Valentines Day!!

Cute huh?!! Now you know what to do with all those nagging, broken pretzels pieces you have hanging around your house!! =:O)
Have a GREAT weekend and remember on Super Bowl Sunday(or anytime)... Fans Don't Let Fans Drive Drunk!


  1. Those look so yummy and cute!!! I love chocolate on pretzels, and your packaging is awesome!!!:)


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