Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've had these little boxes around for ever and today having the want to use one, it took over an hour to locate them in this office....I so wish I could hire a professional organizer...wouldn't that be fabulous?!! This little box holds just the perfect amount of a special treat for someone sweet! I'm in love with these Memory Box papers, even the names are yummy....whisper soft pinks, pistachio green and semi-freddo happy are those names? Love this pack of paper!!

I could write a list a mile long of all the things I am Thankful for! Today, some of the things I am Thankful for is that the weekend is almost here and that Hannah's science fair project is done, turned in and has already received a good grade! That Honey had some work and that I managed to get a few things done on my own too!! (of course....that doesn't mean I got everything else done... =:O) Using the same papers I decided to make a Thankful card...just my mood....

I wanted them to go together but when I sat them side by side the ribbons sooooo did not match and I just can't have that....
What are you Thankful for? Can you name 5 things right at this given moment that you are truly Thankful for? I bet you could, I bet you could name 20 or even 25...just think about it!!
Big Hugs because I'm Thankful for you!


  1. Very pretty!!!! So feminine!!:) Love the bling heart.

  2. Sooo lovely! I'm thankful for you too! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. just beautiful! love the soft colors

  4. Your box is beautiful!!! You do amazing work with paper. I was checking out all your yummy projects they are all amazing! Love your flowers!!!!
    Hugz Bonnie


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