Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Mini Art Journal....Sneak Peek!!

I've been working on some Mini Art Journals! I've forgotten how much fun and calming they are to make!

Do you journal?

Collecting bits of the days journey and the rush of thoughts and ideas that can come through out the day. I do. I even carry a little one in my purse with me. I draw and sketch in it. I jot down something I might want and the price of it. I might write down a birthday or a to do list. Grocery lists and bill calculations, often plague my little book.

My Youngest keeps her own art journals and I'll admit...I've taken a peek in them once or twice, I couldn't help it. I see her working on them sometimes, but she when asked to share, she just smiles, a sneaky, not on your life kinda smile....she's a beautiful 10 year old...and her creativity is a completely awesome. She takes tickets and stamps and cuts photos out of magazines of things she like and things she doesn't. She writes made up stories and talks about people and her day and feelings. Some pages are just hundreds of stickers, some, in neat little rows....she has no IDEA how much I ADORE her books! Love!!

What are in your books? Can you share???

I'll have one or two mini art journals in my etsy store next week. Filled with 25 or more pages, some left blank for you to add your own bits of fun, thoughts and photos and some pages will have a few yummies already attached waiting for you to decorate around them!!

I hope that you'll come back to take a peek!!

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