Saturday, August 7, 2010

A House Fit for A Fairy!!

Family Fun last month came around and we decided to go to a local Wildlife Museum. There were lots of different types of birds. We saw the HUGE Bald Eagles and even measured our own arms to see what type of Eagle we were closest to, in wing span. There were Big Ravens and lots of different Owls. When we were done touring, we headed out to the craft store and everybody picked a birdhouse to paint. I picked a small one. One that could fit a little bird but even more perfect for a little Woodland Fairy!

Of course I thought....What kind of Fairy wouldn't want their roof and floor sprinkled with Fairy Dust? I couldn't’t think of any, so after I painted it…I used Modge Podge to adhere beautiful Glitter Crystals in Crystal Clear from P K Glitz, all over it!! Love it!! I'm quite certain I could use these Crystals on Everything!!!

I hope you have fun plans this weekend and if not, I still hope that you flitter forth like fairies and accomplish a many great things!

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  1. What a gorgeous project, the little eggs on the edge are the perfect touch.


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