Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just a quick Tip!!

Its crazy busy around here....School starts tomorrow and its been shopping and registering and lots of end of the summer complaining about having to come in early and go to bed on time and the dread of getting up in the morning....but I'm happy about it...and after tomorrow, they will be too...because...School is Cool!!

I did this tip for the P K Glitz website and thought I'd share it here too. The tip is that you can use acrylic paint with your stamps and it will act as glue too! woohooo...

I took a little Inkadinkado spider stamp and painted it lightly with black acrylic paint….stamped it and then poured Glitter Glitz in Black all over it….

I waited until it dried. Then brushed off the excess glitter and….a cool and different looking little spider!!

Try it with white paint and snowflakes stamps and Crystal Clear Glitter Glitz for a really pretty snowy sparkle……the ideas are endless…
Well...I'm off...its 104 degrees here after 6pm and its sticky and sweaty...tomorrow is suppose to be even hotter...and I need to get organized!!! ahhhhhhhhh.........
Oh...and.....I'll be having a HAPPY giveaway here soon...so don't forget to check back....


  1. Thanks for the acrylic paint tip, I have lots of that around the house!:) Yesterday was 106 here in south Texas...too HOT!!!!:)

  2. hmm, I killed a big spider that looked just like that one this morning on my front porch.....eek!
    Fun idea to use the acrylic paint, thanks for the inspiration :-)


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