Thursday, August 12, 2010

Acting Silly!!

Grammy and the Girls all acting silly!! Gotta Love Them!! Here is a fun layout that I did for P K Glitz. I love having glittered letters and I love using supplies I already have. Using what you have.....unglittered letters and fabulous glitter equals fabulously glittered letters! The Prickley Pear stamp worked perfectly on the card stock too...added just the right amount of interest! Love that!! (Speaking of Prickley Pear...I really want their Butterfly stamps and matching Die...YUM!!..Go look!!!!) You can get some of the flowers and the cancelled postage stamps in my esty store....they are such Happy Embellishments!!
*And just in case, you're reading Mom, I'm thinking its time "Grammy" came out and visited here!! hint, hint..Just saying....

This week FLEW by!! College classes are starting for one. Next week will be the final week of Summer for the other two. Seems like every Kid had sleepovers here at one point or another this week. One got home from camp, one is now going camping...Its Crazy around here!! Family Fun is also this weekend and I have yet to figure out what were doing! Any Ideas???? Inexpensive but Fun!!??? me think of something....

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