Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cookies are Made of Butter and Love!!!!

Its the time of year where everyone is baking and cooking all sorts of delightful delectables!! Every year when December rolls around I say I am going to host a Cookie Exchange Party, this is the year! Then too many things come up and I forget about doing it, when I finally remember....well its just to late!! Luckily I was invited to a friend's cookie exchange! So I was able to have all the fun without all the work! We were to each to bring 3 dozen treats....and a $10 gift to exchange!
While I wish I could be like Bakerella....I just don't have those skills in my attempt at snowmen gingerbread turned out looking like this instead of looking like her little adorable masterpieces!! Oh well....they tasted Great!!

Quite a few of mine.....overflowed onto the sides of the cookies...but I didn't mind...those ones stayed home...and got new Melted Snowman Cookies!! They tasted just as good as the "real snowmen".

For the gift exchange I gave one of my mini albums with all green got traded several times before finding its new home!! That was so fun to watch and see!!! I wrapped it up all pretty too....

I hope you get a chance to go to or host a cookie exchange party! They are so fun...I meet some really nice people!! We played games, ate, told stories, swapped gifts and I came home with 3 dozen different cookies {I wont be eating them though of course and I kinda hope the family gobbles them fast!! Its so hard to resist yummy treats this time of year!!} I'm glad I was invited and went!!! {Thanks MP!}

So whats your favorite Cookie recipe? Is there something you make every year that is a tradition that you can't do without? Do you leave cookies out for Santa?!


*Norwegian Proverb

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