Sunday, April 18, 2010

I've been sewing!!!!

I feel like I've neglected you my dear blog friends, I haven't meant to but I've been keeping busy and it seems the week is gone before it starts! I thought I'd give you a little sneak peek into what I've been working on! =:O) I've been sewing all sorts of things! I love sewing...I love the completed project at the end too! No matter how small!

Like these adorable little pillows! They are only about 8" x 5" but they pack a BIG punch of color and make me feel happy!

My Girls keep coming in the "craft shack" and try to steal them. They said they would be perfect in their rooms....I've been making some more flowers too! Pretty yummy flowers and I've cut a ton of circles from pretty fabric to make some yo-yo flowers!

See, I've just been busy...Starting in May...I'm going to load up my etsy store and keep it stocked up on new projects and interesting bits of goodness! That's my New goal! So be sure to come back and check it out!! We're also trying to re-vamp the house, on a serious budget...Okay a tiny, tiny, barely there at all start Honey is working on this headboard that was shown on the blog, Be Different...Act Normal (one of my favorite blogs!) as we speak! My Kids bought us a HUGE, de-lish-ish, bed for Christmas but with funds a little tight right now we cant afford to buy a new headboard...have no fear...Honey is near!!! I'm super excited and can't wait till he is done. We are going to paint inside the square...Teal...*swoon*!
Well, I'm off...I need to make a scrapbook page with some happy glitter....


  1. Oh wow Colleen these are gorgeous, love the colours so vibrant and delish.
    Christine x

  2. These are super cute! Can't wait to see pics of the headboard!

  3. The little pillows are super cute! Looking forward to seeing the headboard!

  4. These are wonderful Colleen. Love that they are colorful. ~Chelsea


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