Sunday, April 11, 2010

1st Day of School! is still hard to believe that this year I have a High School Senior, a new Middle Schooler and 1 still in Elementary at home...where did all the time go???? My picture is not that good, as always, its my biggest complaint...I hate my point and shoot! The colors in real life are vibrant and the sparkle from the yummy glitter is amazing...I did ask Honey for a new camera for my hopefully he's saving his pennies! =:O)

Spring Break is over. The Kids had sleepovers, here and there. We saw Alice in Wonderland. Played in the park. Went into the City one day and hung out at the Wharf and the Pier. Ate too much junk. Went to bed too late and slept in too long and now to its time to get them back into schedule....and the rain is back. How great is that it waited till the end of the break....
I did this page for the P K Glitz blog and you can find all the details over there!! =:O)
I hope you had a fabulous week and next week is nothing but better!

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  1. Great layout!
    I left you some sunshine on my blog


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