Friday, April 30, 2010

Crazy Quilt Like Fabric Flowers.....

I know, I know...MORE flowers....MORE sewing?!!!! I've always loved to sew...but I've been seriously into it this style sewing....not following the line sewing....I made a bunch of these hand cut flowers (Okay...a lot!) I'm putting some on a layout I'm working on....too cute...I put a few in the shop too! =:O)

You know when you make something...whatever it is....and you look at it and it makes you feel happy? These makes me happy, they are silly, small and they are just so colorful!! Love them!!!
What exciting plans do you have for this weekend? Not a whole lot around here....hopefully we will paint the square on the faux headboard Honey made....he talked me out of Teal =:O( he thought a neutral color would be better...that way I could use any sheets I wanted and it would always match...Doesn't Teal match everything? Isn't it the New neutral? Oh Well...neutral is...well, I wont say...
Off to make bun less, Turkey Burgers and corn on the cob, YUM!
Have a blast....


  1. Ooooh scrummy flowers no wonder you love making them. :) Their colours are just so uplifting & FAB.
    Hope the burgers were good. I'm feeling peckish now!
    Wishing you a lovely weekend. Hugs, Gez.xx

  2. Oh my, I love the flowers! They are beautiful. I'm so glad to have found your site. You are so creative.


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