Monday, May 3, 2010

Wish Big....I am!!!

Happy Monday!!!! It's a beautiful Sunshiney morning here and the Birds are outside singing pretty!!
I wanted to show you a card I made for the P K Glitz blog! You can get all the details about this card there!! You'll have to check out their website tomorrow to see how I made those glittery letters pop out!! Fun!!! Their glitter Rocks!!

That was my first attempt at making a fabric butterfly! I have since made a couple of dozen and they have turned out so much more cuter...I'll pop a few in my etsy store later...You'll see the difference!! Love them!!!
It's Weigh-In Monday......I lost 3.2 lbs this last week and that's pretty happy!!! More to go but I'm liking that number! Too bad I don't have Bob or Jillian around here to help me get to 10 lbs a week! Wouldn't that be fun!!
Whats for dinner? We are having Turkey Burgers....I made them on Friday for just Honey and I and they were so tasty and yummy....I'm making them again!
Its a busy week around here! Hope yours is Wonderful!!
Have a FABULOUS Day!!!


  1. Hi Colleen
    gorgeous colours love the little butterfly.
    Christine x

  2. Loving your butterflies! Super cute.

  3. Awesome card! I love the fabric butterfly, fabulous job! Your fabric flowers are beautiful as well.
    Congratulations on your weight loss. I am also doing a biggest loser weight loss with 3 other people. Yah I won last week. It cost 10.00 a week and we have one winner a week $5.00 to that weeks winner and $5.00 into a pot towards the over all winner which will be three months from now. Good luck sweetie!
    Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! Hugs Bonnie

  4. Hi Colleen...fabric butterflies?! Wow, my first time seeing a fabric butterfly, it's absolute beautiful. Another fantastic card from you.


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