Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Only One S'more Day!!

There is only one s'more day to go till its officially summer around here!!

Hard to believe but Ms. M is officially leaving Jr. High for High School and Ms. H will be heading into 7th grade!! WOW! Just Crazy!!

I thought the Kids needed a little treat today when they came home from school. Looking around the web for something...I found Golden Graham S'mores...yum...easy, with chocolate and kind of snack!!

I wrapped them up all cute so that I could give them to their Friends that ride in the carpool!! Did you know that you cant put tape on parchment paper? I tried...I was going to put some cute tape on them....but it wouldnt stick! Bakers Twine to the rescue!!

I used this recipe from this adorable blog, Cookies and Cups, which has some super yummy things on it that I'll be trying this summer!!!

Speaking of Summer....What are your summer plans? Do you have anything special to do this summer? I'm not sure what we will be up too but I hope it will be fun!!

Thanks for swinging by!

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