Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Summer!!

It officially the first day of Summer!! Unfortunately, I already feel its going to be a super long summer indeed! The Kids have been out of school since last week and so far I've heard..."I'm Bored" 4018 times. "There is nothing to do!", 2947 times. "What are we going to do?" 1567 times and a whole lot of other "Boring" things!! I wonder when it suddenly became MY job to entertain the cackle of my children? The funny thing about all this is that they've been to a graduation party, two pool parties, the movies, swimming almost daily, the mall, had two sleep overs....really?! You're bored??? Clean your room, do your chores, read a book.....because if all those things before are boring, it surely will be a super long summer indeed!!!

I myself have been enjoying the begining of the warmer weather and bright sunshine! Yes, indeed....sleeping in, not getting dressed until noon, going to the pool for the first time this season! Watermellon, corn on the cob, a cold, cold beer on a hot afternoon.....oh yes....I do like the summertime!!! I even started working in the office....I think my creative juices are flowing again with bright bold summer colors. I've spent the last couple of days spray painting cute little picture frames in happy vibrant colors....I was trying to go slow and make them perfect.....but today when I went to spray paint the back sides...I got a little carried away...I sprayed too much, too fast, too I have to wait until they completely dry and sand them down and do it again!! Its sad, really. Its because I rushed. I wanted to decorate them. I went to fast....I forgot...Its summertime and everything should be, a little slower....

So, I'll be sanding down the picture frames and then re-painting them. Which I can't wait to show you! I'll do a few chores, go to the grocery store and run a few errands and then I'll hit the gym and shuttle the Kids to their "boring" activities and that will be what I do today on this sunny first day of summer! What will you do today? Will you work and come home and put your feet up? Will you craft the day away? Will you lay out and soak up some sun rays? What will you do on this beautiful first day of summer!!??

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