Monday, May 21, 2012

Giving Gift Cards!

I often give gift cards out as gifts. I love gift cards myself. Its like having a little something in your wallet that says...Hey...lets go shopping, even when you can't afford to go!! I don't however like just giving a gift card in an envelope. I have put GCs in tins, in boxes...reusable bottles, ect. and ever since the little brown bag craze started...I have been giving GCs in them....simple, easy, pretty and makes the GC seem much more personal!! Love that!!

Several weekends ago my Daughters both had Birthday parties to go to and I scrambled to make bags perfect for the GCs. I realized then, I should, probablly, have a stash ready would be so much easier! So thats what I did....I made some for me and a couple to put in the shop!!

They are so fun to make...I made them all day!!

I made some for every occasion, that way, I'd have some ready when I needed them!!

Then I made some for Boys too....because I never seem to make things for Boys!!

Then I remembered Father's Day was I made some for that too...

Then I realized I probably had made enough for right now and stopped.....but now I want to make some more, because they are fun to I stamped some more bags......I think Im addicted to the little brown bags!

What is your favorite way to give a GC?? Do you wrap it up? Put it in a box? Or do you love the ease of an envelope?

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  1. SO super cute!!! I will be stealing this!! lol


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