Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wednesday's Words!!!

Photo via my Pinterest

I love this....we should all start our mornings like it...lets start tomorrow!!!

I've been cleaning my studio!! It feels so good!! Funny what a pair of new curtains can do to a room....its so much brighter in here than with the old curtains....I hung my banner up too....its starting to feel good and light and cheery in here again instead of its overrun, over crowded mess it had become!! Pretty fun!! My Girlfriend has been loving coming over and going through the bags I have been making for giving. I'm quite certain if I stacked my paper on top of itself it would reach over 6 foot tall...I've accumulated A Lot of stuff!! All good, happy stuff...but just too much of it.

I think I'll gather some things for a little giveaway too!! You'd like a little giveaway, wouldn't you??? I'll work on that!!

Hope your having a great summer so far with exciting things to do!!

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