Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday Cake in a Jar!?!

Okay so after trying to figure out how to send someone* a cupcake thru the mail...and looking at all the deliciousness of Strawberry Lemonade combinations all over the Internet...I finally decided to make a lemon cake and a strawberry cake and layer them in a jar instead and ship it off...who knows if it will make it...who knows if it will taste yummy when it gets there...its is the thought that counts...but right now...these treats are super tasty and cute...the combination of cakes and lemon frosting in between a good one!

Since I had enough cake left over....I decided to make HUGE cake balls just for fun...and I know they are not perfect but they sure tasted good and the Neighbor said they were WAY better than Starbucks' cake balls and that just has to mean something right?!! Thanks Nice Neighbor!!

So...if its your Birthday today {*My Sister}....Happy Birthday!!!

Have a Great Day!!!


  1. Looks yummy Colleen!! Love the colors!! Yes, the thought is what counts. I am sure it will be appreciated!

  2. Thanks, Coll! :-)

  3. Hola Ms. Colleen,

    Just stopping in to see what's happening on the blog. Love you! Miss you! Miss Tahoe! I don't know if you do an digital stuff, but if so, check out the URL I's a fun site!


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