Thursday, January 27, 2011

Taffy Stick Valentines!

I'm a little behind on all the Valentine stuff. Its sad really because it is one of my favorites for little happy gifts but being gone for two weeks {unprepared} can do that....I did manage to find sometime to work on these adorable taffy treats and I'm so glad I did! =:O)

Wrapping scrapbook paper around these premade taffy sticks and then decorating with bits of felt, doilies and tags makes these valentines so fun! You could probably use any type of candy that was round. Like, big tootsie rolls or lifesavers....hmmmmm...I may need to come up with a version just for the kids exchange valentines....

My Honey loves taffy. Its one of his most favorite treats. So he's been trying to steal the taffy for a while now....I guess I'll have to make him a couple for his lunch box!

They are fun...and different and tasty too. I'll put a couple of these in my etsy store in case you'd like one {or more}!

I hope everything is going great for you! Things are starting to go back to "normal" around here. I like "normal".
Until next time...


  1. These are such adorable treats! Love the bright colors and all of the fun details! :)

  2. always have the cutest ideas!!! These are adorable!!!

  3. You are just amazing. You always have the cutest stuff!

  4. sometimes i don't want to unwrap your goodies because they are so cute!


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