Monday, January 31, 2011

Pretty Packaging!

I spent today trying to catch up on things I'm so behind on....{but not cleaning...I didn't manage to get any of that done! oops!!} It turned out to be a fun, pajama wearing till the afternoon, type of day. I packaged up some little gifts I have been meaning to send and then I painted the precious packages with a dusting of teal paint and red hearts with polka dots. Bliss. I hope they bring smiles to everyone who touches them along their journey to their secret destinations. I, of course, forgot to take a picture of the outsides of the boxes but did snap a picture of inside one....wanna see?

I hate purchasing wrapping paper. I do. I feel its such a waste of my money. Sometimes I am compelled to buy it because it looks so shiny and pretty but more often than not...I look around my house for something to wrap a gift in and I am more than certain...the giant, huge, enormous roll of craft paper {like this} I purchased 2 {TWO} years ago for $36 is always to the rescue. Using scrap, scrapbook paper, a little tag, a yo yo from my stash...and just things around, I managed to cutely wrap a gift with no additional purchasing! Do you have any tried and true methods of wrapping gifts that you always seem to gravitate to? What was your favorite wrapped present? Did you give it or did you receive it?

Speaking of gifts....It was a good mailbox day today as well...Only one bill...and I received Becky Higgins, Project Life kit, that I had been patiently waiting for...can't wait to start that {although the first part of the year will definately not be my favorite and will probably take some serious effort to journal about!!} I also received a bunch of really cool red, see thru envelopes from the girls over at Peppermint Plum which scream..."Please, make me into something for Valentines".... Puh-lease.....of course I will!

Hope your mailbox was full of happy things!

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