Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Afternoon Snack and a Simple but Happy Solution!

Today while I was moving around the house, doing the daily chores, I thought my Kiddos have been so good lately...they deserve a special after school treat...pondering what to make, I came across a stack of these yummy chocolate bars that I had intended to make Christmas goodies with....

Since I had just gone to the store, I knew....what I had in the fridge....yummmmmmmy goodness was about to be happening around here....

The only problem I can see with this afternoon snack {besides the fact that I rushed the stripes and so the white chocolate isn't very nice!} is that the Kids ate them so fast...they were gone in a minute!! Chocolate Covered Strawberries...{Love}

Definitely feeling the need to be creating. The organizing I wanted to get done...feels like it will take years!! So I've decided ten minutes a day is all I will do on tasks I hate and always procrastinate on...anyone can do 10 minutes a day right??! I even made a Dentist appointment which just so happens to be tomorrow and I'm freaked out about it....but still doing it...I'm just doing it!!

I wanted to say Thank You to everyone who left me comments or emails regarding my Mum. I still have a few emails to go but I wanted to let you know that many of you have your emails set to "" which means, I can't contact you when you leave a comment. No one can email you back from any blog comment, its not just me and chances are....some of us want to comment back and wouldn't you just love to hear back from some bloggers?~!

Here is how to fix that unhappy problem....

Go to your dashboard and click on "edit profile" there you should see:
Edit User profile, click it....

Under Privacy you'll see:

Show my email address

Check the box next to that!

After that....scroll down to Identity and enter an email address you would like your return comments to go.

Click "Save" and you are all set to be able to receive comments back!!!

By doing're email address wont post to a blog still have some privacy but when you decide to leave a comment on a blog, now the blog owner will have a chance to write you back!! Try it!! You might like it!! I know I do.

Hope you are having a great day!!


  1. Hi Colleen, I don't have a blog and could not seem to get to where i could see dashboard, but i know i have seen it before. I am so glad that you are starting to get a few things done. Still cannot imagine what you are going through. I guess it is just even more than just one day at a time, but breaking it down even smaller than that. Know that i have thought of you often since i read your blog last week.

  2. Hi Colleen ooo the strawberries look so yummy. :) Take care...xx

  3. Hi Colleen! Thanks for the tip! Those strawberries look amazing! :)


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